Interested in knowing the best jazz records to own on vinyl?  Curious about the essential hip hop albums every collector must have, the top rock records to acquire, or which colored vinyl records to track down?

If so, we encourage you to use our interactive guide below, which allows you to find all of our articles pertaining to buying and collecting vinyl.  From the best James Brown or Beatles records to an in-depth guide on collecting and selling your records online, the guide below will be regularly updated to make sure it remains as helpful as possible.

Essential Vinyl Albums30 Essential Albums to Own
James Brown AlbumsThe Best of James Brown on Vinyl

Classic Hip Hop AlbumsThe Best Classic Hip Hop on Vinyl
Best Jazz RecordsThe Best Jazz on Vinyl
Best Rock AlbumsThe Best Rock Albums to Own

Best Beatles AlbumsThe Best Beatles Albums on Vinyl
New Wave AlbumsThe Best New Wave on Vinyl
Live Recordings
Live Recording Albums on Vinyl
Funk AlbumsThe Best Funk Albums on Vinyl
Folk Albums
The Best Folk Albums on Vinyl
How to Collect VinylGet Started Collecting Vinyl Today!
Clean Vinyl RecordsDiscover How to Clean Vinyl
Best Music on VinylAll the Best Music That Can Be Found on Vinyl
Best Christmas RecordsAmazing Christmas Records Everyone Should Own
Best Colored VinylDiscover the Best Colored Vinyl Records
Buy & Sell Vinyl OnlineWhere to Buy and Sell Your Vinyl Online
Finding Cheap RecordsLearn Where to Find Cheap Vinyl Records
Prevent Record SkipsPrevent Your Records from Skipping
Storing Vinyl RecordsHow to Properly Store Your Vinyl Records
Sell Vinyl OnlineLearn How and Where to Sell Vinyl Online

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