12 Fun Things to Do with Old Vinyl Records

Learn what to do with old vinyl records you no longer want to keep.

If you’ve found yourself surrounded by stacks of old vinyl records, you’re not alone. Whether you inherited a massive collection from a relative or your passion for vinyl has waned, don’t stress.  Here are some good things to do with old, unwanted vinyl records.

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What to Do With Old Vinyl Records

1. Sell or Trade Them

If your records are in good condition and include sought-after titles, consider selling or trading them. Online marketplaces, record stores, and vinyl enthusiasts might be interested. 

Sell your old vinyl records if you don't need them anymore

Websites like Discogs, eBay, or local record shops can be excellent platforms to connect with potential buyers or traders.  Online forums and social media, where members buy and sell records to each other, are good options too.

2. Donate to Libraries or Schools

Consider donating your old vinyl records to libraries, schools, or community centers. They might use them for educational purposes, art projects, or as part of cultural programs. 

Consider donating your vinyl records.

Your contribution could introduce a new generation to older musical artists that otherwise would be forgotten.

3. Create a Vinyl Record Bowl

Transform your old vinyl records into artsy bowls.  Although not recommended to hold food, your vinyl record bowl can store wrapped candy, car keys, and reading glasses.

These vinyl bowls are available on Etsy by HippieGrungeGirl

A record bowl is a great way to turn your unwanted vinyl record into something functional.

4. Use Them in DIY Projects

Vinyl records can find new life in various do-it-yourself projects. Craft a stylish key holder, create a kitchen rack, or construct a unique room divider. 

This vinyl rack is available on Etsy by UpcycleRPM

With a bit of ingenuity and some basic tools, you can turn your old records into useful and aesthetically pleasing items.

5. Turn Records Into Fashion Statements

If you have a surplus of records, repurpose them into fashion accessories. 

This vinyl necklace is available on Etsy by Vintage05

Craft earrings, bracelets, or even statement necklaces from vinyl records. Embrace the retro vibe and wear your music passion proudly.

6. Create a Vinyl Record Wall

You may not love the records themselves, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great display pieces. Transform a bland wall into a striking display by creating an awesome vinyl record wall

This vinyl record wall shelf is available on Etsy by dividerrecords

Arrange records (or album covers) in a visually appealing pattern on the wall to add a touch of vintage charm to your living space. It’s a unique way to showcase your musical taste and simultaneously declutter your collection.

7. Host a Vinyl Listening Party

Get your friends and family together to listen to your unwanted records.  

Host a vinyl listening party

In fact, if someone hears an album they enjoy, let them have the record for free (or a small fee). 

8. Repurpose as Coasters or Wall Clocks

Transform your old records into practical items like coasters or wall clocks

This vinyl record wall clock is available on Etsy by RevolutionaryVinyl

Coasters made from vinyl records add a touch of retro flair to your coffee table, while a wall clock crafted from a record can become a unique focal point in your home.

9. Create Vinyl Record Bookends

Combine your love for books and music by creating vinyl record bookends from your unwanted records. 

This vinyl record bookend is available on Etsy by WickerWoodWorks

Arrange the albums vertically to form the sides of the bookends, and voila – you have a functional and visually appealing piece of furniture.  

This vinyl record bookend is available on Etsy by FunEclecticHome

You can also make a vinyl record bookshelf, as well.  Take two old records, safely warm them up and bend them, and then let them cool down.  You now have two vinyl record bookends that can hold several books in-between.

10. Craft a Vinyl Record Journal or Notebook

Turn your old record covers into amazing notebook covers.

This notebook is available on Etsy by cleverkindhandmade

You can use these notebooks for sketching or jotting down thoughts. 

Overall, this is a fun way to add music history into your everyday writing endeavors.

11. Craft Vinyl Record Planters

Turn your old records into unique planters for small indoor plants or succulents.

This vinyl record planter is available on Etsy by CurlyBirdTreasures

Drill a hole in the center, add soil, and plant your green companions. These musical planters can add a touch of whimsy to your home or garden.

12. Use Your Old Records as Test Dummies

If you’re staying in the vinyl hobby, and just want to purge old unwanted vinyl records, then consider keeping a few records as “test dummies.”

Test record cleaning machines with old records.

Need to test a vintage record player to see if it sounds good?  Drop the needle down on an old, unwanted record.

Want to test a record cleaning machine?  Try it out using an old, warped record.

If something goes wrong, at least you didn’t ruin one of your favorite vinyl records. 

Ready to Get Creative?

Before bidding farewell to your old vinyl records, definitely explore the multitude of possibilities they offer. 

Whether you’re seeking monetary gain, aiming to spread the joy of music, or unleashing your creativity, there’s a perfect option for every vinyl enthusiast. 

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