17 Female Pop Singers You’ll Love – Old and Current Singers

Discover the Best Female Pop Singers You'll Love

If you love pop music, then join us as we chronicle the best female pop singers from various eras and decades that not only were great talents, but whose music stands the test of time. 

Female Pop Singers That Are Amazing

Let’s begin with Madonna.


The woman who changed the trajectory of pop music, and certainly pushed its boundaries to the limit, is of course Madonna. Known for being equally talented and provocative, Madonna’s music is probably just as memorable as her controversies.

And I suppose it’s up to you to decide whether you believe the drama that often surrounded Madonna (some of it intentionally self-inflicted) overshadowed her career at times–or further made her star rise (or both). However you feel, it cannot be denied that Madonna is arguably the most influential woman that pop music has ever seen.

Madonna is most known for hits like “Vogue,” “Like a Virgin” and “This Used to Be My Playground.”


This pick is almost so obvious, you almost wonder if it would be better to leave her off completely because it’s such a unanimous pick. But that would be doing Queen Bey dirty, and no one wants to be on the bad side of the Bee Hive!

Beyonce has been a mainstay in pop music since the 1990s, when she was singing about Bug-a-Boos and reminding us that she’s both Bootylicious and a Survivor.  Since then, she’s had a pretty decent career I’d say—she’s only become the biggest pop singer the world has ever seen since Michael Jackson made girls fall out crying at live shows.

I could name Beyonce’s biggest hits, but you know ‘em all.  She continues to bask in the waters of greatness, with albums like “Renaissance” proving that Bey can always surprise you by reinventing her style.

Janet Jackson

If there’s any singer on this list that could contend with the likes of Madonna or Beyonce for the crown of being the Queen of Pop music, it’s Janet Jackson.

Janet’s story is particularly interesting because although she rose to fame initially through acting roles in Hollywood, Janet’s attempt to pursue greatness in music came long after Michael Jackson was an established mega star.

You might think this made things easier for Janet’s path to success–perhaps because she had more industry connections or a built-in audience that already loved members of her family. But I disagree with that notion. If anything, having a famous family member in the same industry you want to succeed in makes your path to greatness harder because you have to go the extra mile to stand out from beneath your brother’s shadow.

But Janet definitely did that, and despite being painfully shy, she leaned into her sexuality to make not only memorable pop jams but highly sensual ones too.

Some of Janet’s best songs are “Because of Love,” “Together Again” and “All For You.”

Taylor Swift

I suppose, at this point, Taylor Swift is arguably the current queen of pop music. Whether you love pop, rock, country, or alternative music, Taylor has a song for you. She is known for her versatile and relatable music and songwriting skills.

Taylor Swift has changed music history through her ability to relate to fans by sharing her personal experiences through music. She has realized that what she has experienced can help others get through what they are currently experiencing.

She also has broken so many Billboard Records with her albums and songs. A couple of these include being the first woman with three number one albums in less than a year and the second most number one albums among women singers.

Whether you are madly in love, dealing with a toxic relationship, going through a breakup, longing for the person who doesn’t long for you, single and ready to party, or hopefully in love she has a song for you!

Some of her best pop songs include “I Forgot That You Existed”, “Afterglow”, “Babe”, “All Too Well”, “The Moment I Knew”, and “You Belong with Me”.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has the perfect music if you are in the mood to dance and sing your heart out or if you are dealing with disappointment in love. Some of her best songs include “Slow Down”, “The Heart Wants What It Wants”, “Lose You to Love Me”, “Same Old Love”, and “Rare”.

Dealing with lupus, mental health, and other struggles, she has had every reason to be torn down and sad, but she has persevered and been positive. She shows that through her music. Her songs remind you of your worth. No matter what someone may say or how someone may treat you, her songs let you know that you are still enough!

Tate McRae

Tate McRae became famous through a viral YouTube video. She would upload a new song each week. Her songs include authentic stories, which allow her to connect well with her fans. She also loves to tease her new songs and connect with fans through TikTok.

She actually wrote one of her songs on the night of her breakup. So, of course, many of her songs are perfect to listen to if you just broke up, got broken up with, are heartbroken, or have given up on love. Her album I Used to Think I Could Fly includes many great hits. Some of her best songs include “She’s All I Wanna Be”, “R U Ok”, “Tear Myself Apart”, “Chaotic”, and “You Broke Me First”.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is yet another artist that became famous by winning a tv show. She won American Idol and since then has become the first artist ever to top all of Billboard’s pop, adult pop, country, adult contemporary, and dance charts.

Like Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson is another artist that makes it hard to narrow down favorite songs and albums because all of them are so amazing! A few of her best songs include “Since You’ve Been Gone”, “Already Gone”, “Breakaway”, “Stronger”, and “Behind These Hazel Eyes”.

Her songs are fitting when you are in the mood to scream-sing at the top of your lungs in your car. Whether you are frustrated with a boy, remembering your worth after a breakup, or torn apart from a relationship, she has a song for you.

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo has really become popular in the past few years. Her music connects with listeners so well because of her storytelling talent. Each of her songs tells a story that others can relate to.

Her best album to date is Sour. She has many perfect songs to add to your breakup, heartbreak, and hurting playlists. Some of her best songs include “Traitor”, “Brutal”, “Déjà Vu”, and “Good for You”.

Alicia Keys

Not only is Alicia Keys an incredible singer, but she is known for her work in making sure women have an opportunity in music. She has helped change the opportunities available to women in music.

Alicia’s music is perfect to listen to when you need to feel empowered. Her voice and messages in her songs are so powerful! They remind you of your worth and strength. Some of her best songs include “No One”, “Empire State of Mind”, and “Girl on Fire.”

Katy Perry

Katy Perry did not start her career singing pop music but as a gospel artist. She became the first woman artist to have the most streamed track on Spotify in 24 hours. Her music inspired the sound and style of pop music in the 2010s.

When you need songs that pump you up or fast-paced heartbreak songs, her songs are fitting. She has a variety of songs, but some of her best include “Roar”, “Wide Awake”, “E.T.”, “The One That Got Away”, and “Hot N Cold”.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion is yet another pop artist that has a unique voice. Her range is incredible! Something that makes her voice different, in addition to her range, is her use of little vibrato when she sings.

When you are in the mood to sing from the heart, Celine has the songs for you! Some of these songs include “Because You Loved Me”, “My Heart Will Go On”, and “The Power of Love”.

Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper has such a unique soprano voice with a large range. She was a part of the shift in pop music from records to music videos.

If you need some woeful songs about love or some great pump-up songs, Cyndi has some for you! Some of her best songs include “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “Time After Time”, “True Colors” and “Change of Heart”. Eight of her songs have been in the top 10 on the Billboard 100 Hits.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston had an incredible pop singing career. She started out singing young and continued to do so throughout her life. Her first album contained three number-one singles! She also had the longest single to be on the Hot 100 chart. Whitney achieved an Emmy and six Grammy awards.

Her music influenced the style of many pop artists today and throughout history. If you are ready to dance and belt out some songs at the top of your lungs, her music is for you. A few of her greatest songs include “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”, “I Will Always Love You”, and “So Emotional.”

Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie Tyler has one of the most unusual voices of all time. Her songs can be recognized just by her unique, deep, raspy voice. She has over 20 million records sold worldwide.

Many of her songs are featured in movies. Her songs are great for moments when you feel excited and energetic. A few of her great songs include “Holding Out for a Hero,” “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” and “It’s a Heartache.”

Leona Lewis

In my opinion, Leona Lewis has one of the prettiest voices. Her career started out on the X-Factor and has since been very successful. She has had one number-one hit in her song, “Bleeding Love”.

If you are hurting and torn apart by love, her songs are perfect to add to your playlist. My favorite songs by her include “Bleeding Love”, “Run”, “Better in Time”, and her duet with Calum Scott, “You are the Reason.”


Rihanna is one of the most streamed artists of all time. She has had number one songs on the Billboard Charts 14 times and songs in the top ten 31 times. Her songs are relatable to fans. She is also known for taking risks in her music so that others follow suit in the pop industry.

Her songs are a great choice if you are in the mood to dance, sing your heart out, and party with friends. Some of her greatest songs include “Umbrella,” “Diamonds,” “We Found Love,” “Only Girl (in the World)” and “Love the Way You Lie.”

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is one of the best female pop singers working today

Ariana Grande is well-known for her four-octave range and high ponytail. She is the first artist in history with five debut songs that hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

If you need songs to dance to with your friends or alone while you are getting ready for the day, her songs are for you! Some of her best songs include “Side to Side”, “Problem”, “Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored”, and “Thank You, Next”.


There are many successful pop artists in the world. Some have changed pop music forever, such as Madonna or or Janet or Beyonce or Taylor Swift. Others are notable for their unique voice or storytelling through song. No matter who your favorite female pop singers are, I think it’s safe to say that us music fans have had it very good for decades.

  • This article was written by Bailey, with three additions written by Michael (Madonna, Beyonce, and Janet Jackson).

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