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My name is Michael, and thank you for visiting Devoted to Vinyl, the number one website aimed at helping beginners get started in the vinyl hobby.

If you’re new to vinyl and feeling a little overwhelmed, don’t fret, I’ve got you covered. In fact, I’ve broken down this entire site into the following simple, easy-to-digest categories:

1) Turntable Reviews

Turntable Reviews You Will Love

Here are some of my most popular and in-depth turntable reviews:

Marantz TT-15S1Read the Review
Clearaudio ConceptRead the Review
Victrola Re-SpinRead the Review
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Victrola Revolution GORead the Review

2) Turntable Accessory Reviews

Enjoy a few of my most popular and in-depth turntable accessory reviews:

Ortofon 2M BronzeRead the Review
SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 SpeakerRead the Review
Okki Nokki reviewRead the Review
Vincent PHO-701Read the Review
Schiit ManiRead the Review

3) Buying Based on Price

Interested in getting a wonderful new turntable but don’t want to spend more than your allotted budget?  If so, check out these helpful articles:

Best Turntables Under $200
Best Turntable Under $300
Top Turntables Under $500

4) Buying Based on Experience

Are you a complete novice when it comes to vinyl?  Have you been listening to vinyl for a year or two and are finally ready to upgrade?  

Are you a devout audiophile looking for the best vintage turntable on the market?  No matter your needs, I’ve got you covered with the following articles:

Best Entry-Level Turntable
Best Audiophile Turntables Under $2,000
Vintage vs New Record Players

5) Buying Based on Brand

Are you interested in turntables made by specific brands?  If so, well, let’s delve deep into this topic with the following articles:

Best Audio-Technica Turntable
Best Pioneer Turntable
Best Pro-Ject Turntable
Crosley vs Victrola
Are Crosley Record Players Bad for Your Vinyl?

6) Buying Equipment and Accessories

Okay, so you know you need a turntable.  That’s the easy part, you say.  

But what about amplifiers?  Or headphones?  Or speakers?  Well, take a look at the following articles below to help you find exactly what you need:

Best Turntable Upgrades for Improved Sound
Best Headphones for Turntables
Best Turntable Needles
Best Powered Speakers
Best Phono Preamp Under $500

7a) Buying Vinyl Records

Whether you love jazz, rock, synthwave or hip hop, I’ll give you my humble opinion on what vinyl records to buy and where to buy them:

Best Synthwave Albums on Vinyl
How to Handle Vinyl Records
Best Colored Vinyl Records
Where to Find Cheap Vinyl Records
Best Rock and Roll Records
Best Jazz Records on Vinyl
Best Beatles Vinyl Records
Best Live Recording Vinyl Records
Essential Vinyl Albums
Best Christmas Vinyl Records
Best Classic Hip Hop Vinyl Records

7b) Vinyl Record Care

Discover the best practices to take care of your vinyl records to ensure their longevity:

Best Turntable Mats
Best Inner Record Sleeves
How to Prevent Vinyl Ring Wear
Why is My New Vinyl Skipping?
How to Handle Vinyl Records
How to Clean Vinyl Records
How to Use a Record Player
Fun Things to Do With Old Records

8) Buying and Selling Vinyl & Turntables

Researching a specific vinyl record or turntable is great, but do you know where to buy (or sell or store) them? 

If not, please check out these articles below for more information:

How Best to Store Vinyl Records
Where Can I Buy Record Players?
Best Places to Buy and Sell Vinyl Records Online
Where to Sell Vinyl Records Online to Make Money
Where to Buy CDs Online
How to Ship Records Properly

9) Songs and Albums

If you’re interested in finding the best songs on a given topic, or you just want the best albums ever made, check out the following articles:

50 Best Songs of All Time
80s Inspirational Songs
Best Michael Jackson Albums
Best James Brown Albums
Best Led Zeppelin Songs and Albums
Best Rolling Stones Albums
Best The Doors Albums
Best Elton John Albums
The Who Album Covers
Aerosmith Album Covers

10) Singers and Bands

Enjoy some of the following countdown lists that discuss the top singers and bands:

Alternative Bands with Female Singers
Best 80s Hip Hop Artists
Best Black Female Singers
Best Underground Rappers
Best Vocals in K-Pop
Best Young Male Country Singers
Black Electronic Artists
Black Female Singers of the 70s
Black Male Singers of the 70s
Black Opera Singers
Female Rock Singers of the 90s
Hottest Female Country Singers
Hottest Female Rappers Crushing Hip Hop
Indie Female Singers
Japanese Female Singers

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