If you’re a brand new visitor to this site, you might just be asking, “whoa, where exactly do I get started on this awesome site?”

First, thank you for the compliment.  And second, don’t worry–I’ve got you covered.

In fact, I’ve broken down the entire site into these simple, easy-to-digest categories:.

1) Buying Based on Price

Interested in getting a wonderful new turntable but don’t want to spend more than your allotted budget?  If so, check out these helpful articles:

2) Buying Based on Experience

Are you a complete beginner to vinyl?  Have you been listening to vinyl for a year or more and are finally looking to upgrade?  Are you a devout audiophile looking for the best of the best?  No matter your needs, we’ve got you covered with the following articles:

3) Buying Based on Brand

Are you interested in turntables made by specific brands?  If so, well, we’ve delved deep into this topic in the following articles:

4) Buying Equipment and Accessories

Okay, so you know you need a turntable.  That’s the easy part, you say.  But what about amplifiers?  Or headphones?  Or speakers?  Well, please take a look at the following articles below to help you find exactly what you need:

5) Buying Vinyl Records

Whether you love jazz, rock, synthwave or hip hop; obsessed with James Brown or can’t get enough of the Beatles, we give you our humble opinions on what vinyl records to buy and where to buy them.

6) Buying and Selling Vinyl & Turntables

Researching a specific vinyl record or turntable is great, but do you know where to find them?  Need to finally sell an old record player or vinyl collection?   Do you wonder if it’s better to shop online or in person?  Have you prepared for storing dozens and dozens 12 x 12 records?  Please check out the articles below for more information on these subjects:

7) Songs and Albums You’ll Love

If you’re interested in finding the best songs on a given topic, or just are seeking the out some of best or most memorable albums, check out the following articles:

8) Singers and Bands You Will Enjoy

Enjoy some of the following countdown lists that discuss the best singers or bands:

9) Reviews of Turntables

Finally, please take a look at the interactive table below to view our individual reviews of record players, as well as our in-depth articles pertaining to playing, shopping for, storing, and cleaning records:

PhotoModelPriceKey Feature
Audio-Technica AT-LP60$Fully Automatic
Audio-Technica AT-LP60 USB$Convert Vinyl to CD or MP3
Audio-Technica AT-LP120$$USB Direct Drive
Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB$USB Direct Drive
Audio-Technica AT-LP140XP$High-Torque Servo Motor
Audio-Technica AT-LP1240 USB$$USB Direct Drive/DJ Table
Clearaudio Concept Black$$$Black Trim
Crosley C100A$Adjustable Pitch Control
Denon DP-300F$$Fully Automatic & Manual
Fluance RT81$$Built-in Pre-Amp
Jensen JTA 230$Converts Vinyl to Digital
Marantz TT-15S1$$$Solid Plinth Belt-Drive Design
Music Hall MMF 2.2$$Moving-Magnet Phono Cartridge
Pro-Ject Debut III$$Isolated AC Motor

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC$$8.6" Carbon Tonearm
Pro-Ject Essential II$$Low-resonance MDF Platter
Rega RP1$$Rega Carbon MM Cartridge
Rega Planar 1$RB110 tonearm
Rega Planar 2$$10mm Float-Glass Platter
Rega Planar 3$$$Rega Elys Cartridge
ProJect T1$Features Ortofon OM5e Cartridge
ProJect T1 Phono SB$Features Built In Phono Stage
ProJect X1$$$Acryl platter
ProJect X2$$$Pick it 2M Silver cartridge
U-Turn Audio Orbit PlusU-Turn Orbit$Audio-Technica cartridge with conical stylus
Yamaha MusicCast VINYL 500$$Stream music services with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplay or Spotify connect
Spin-Clean Record Washer$Two Washable Drying Cloths
Affordable Record Players$Discover Affordable Record Players
Are Crosley’s Bad?$Are Crosley’s REALLY That Bad?
Audiophile Turntables Under $500$- $$Find Audiophile Quality Turntables Under $500
Audiophile Turntables Under $1,000$$$Find Audiophile Quality Turntables Under $1,000
Audiophile Turntables Under $2,000$$$Find Audiophile Quality Turntables Under $2,000
Best Amplifiers$ - $$$Learn About Quality Amps for Playing Vinyl
Cheap Phono Amps$ - $$$Discover Phono Preamps Under $500
Best Audio-Technica Turntable$ - $$$Discover the Top Audio-Technica Turntables
Best Entry-Level Turntable$ - $$Turntables for Beginners Entering the Vinyl Hobby
Best Headphones$ - $$$Wonderful Headphones for Listening to Vinyl at Home
Best Looking Turntable$ - $$$Turntables That Are Aesthetically Pleasing
Best Pioneer Turntable$ - $$$Top Pioneer Turntables on the Market
Best Portable Turntables$Amazing Record Players That Are Portable
Best Pro-Ject Turntables$$ - $$$Excellent ProJect Turntables Worthy of Your Time
Best Speakers$Record Players with Built-in Speakers
Best Powered Speakers$ - $$$Powered Speakers That Pair Well with Vinyl
Best Turntable Brands$ - $$$The Top Turntable Brands Today
Best Turntable Needles$ - $$$Discover Some Amazing Turntable Needles
Best Turntable Under $100$The Best Turntables Available Under $100
Best Turntable Under $200$The Best Turntables Available Under $200
Best Turntable Under $300$ - $$The Best Turntables Available Under $300
Best Turntable Under $500$$$The Best Turntables Available Under $500
Best Turntable Under $1,000$$$The Best Turntables Available Under $1,000
Best USB Turntables$ - $$$Turntables That Also Have USB-Capability
Bluetooth Turntables$ - $$Record Players That Connect to Bluetooth Speakers
Cheapest Turntables$Save Some Money with These Cheap Turntables
Convert Vinyl to CD$ - $$$Learn How to Convert Your Vinyl Collection to CD
DJ Controllers for Beginners$ - $$$DJ Controllers That Beginners Might Like
DJ Controller Buying Guide$ - $$$Ultimate DJ Controlling Buying Guide
Record Player Buying Guide$ - $$$In-Depth Turntable Buying Guide for Beginners
Suitcase Record Players$Record Players Designed as Portable Suitcases
Vintage vs New Turntables$ - $$$Should You Buy a Vintage or a New Turntable?
Where to Buy Record PlayersN/ADiscover Where to Buy Record Players

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