SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 review – Shockingly Great Sound

SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 review
Let’s review the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4

The SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 speaker is really a sight to behold.  It’s big enough to resemble the luggage you’d bring on your family vacation, yet outputs enough sound to blow the roof off the vacation home entirely. But, is that enough to warrant a purchase?  Well, let’s dive into this SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 review to find out.

SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 Review (Summary)

Is the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 worth money?

The SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 speaker provides tremendous sound that will fill up an entire city block, let alone several rooms in your house.  It’s loud enough to be heard at any event, party, or work function, and relatively lightweight enough to carry with you on the go to a friend’s house.

I think the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 is ideal for people looking for the convenience a bluetooth speaker provides, while also satisfying enough for those that enjoy the big, reliable sound of floor standing speakers.  

In the end, while you will certainly enjoy this speaker inside your music room, man cave, or even living room, the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 speaker is best utilized at large venues like pool parties, local sporting events, small music festivals or concerts, family reunions, picnics, cookouts, church and work functions.

Finally, it should be noted that SOUNDBOKS sent me their Gen 4 speaker for review, but my opinions of this speaker in this review are solely my own.

How Much Money is the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4?

The SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 costs approximately $999 and was released in the Fall of 2023.

Unboxing the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4

Unboxing the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4

To kick off this SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 review, I’d like to state that I appreciate the relative simplicity of this speaker.  Thankfully, this speaker doesn’t require a steep learning curve or assembly.

Now when you open the box, you’re going to notice several items.  Items such as the manual or the adaptor to charge your battery (called a BATTERYBOKS) will be included.

As for the speaker itself, well, it’s huge!  Coming in at 25.6 inches tall, 17 inches wide, and 13 inches deep, you’ll be shocked that’s it’s about as big as your coffee table.

It’s also not a light speaker either.  Coming in at 35 lbs, the speaker definitely gives you a bit of a workout if you’re someone that will be carrying your speaker from location to location (or even just up and down the stairs).  

It’s definitely manageable, but even someone that’s a bit of a bigger build like myself felt the weight and size if this speaker at times.  

Mike lifting up the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4
Me lifting the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 off the ground
Mike raising the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 off the ground
Me lifting the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 up into the air

Make sure to lift with your legs, kids.

SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 Battery

The SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 Battery

If you’re familiar with the SOUNDBOKS Gen 3 speaker, then you may be interested to know what’s changed here with the Gen 4.  Well, like most tech upgrades, you can expect to see an increased battery life with the Gen 4. 

Admittedly, this is my first experience with SOUNDBOKS speakers, so I’m unable to tell you if the Gen 4’s battery lasts longer than Gen 3.  However, SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 speaker lasts about 40 hours long at mid-volume levels.  

If you like to play your speakers at full volume (which I personally don’t recommend for ear safety reasons), then the speaker will last you six hours.

In terms of recharging time, expect to wait about 3.5 hours for the battery to be fully recharge.

Now for those that are brand new to SOUNDBOKS, let me share a bit about the battery itself, which is pretty great.  The Gen 4 comes with a fabric strap permanently attached the the speaker—and the battery comes out of the box affixed inside a compartment on the side of the speaker.

Detaching the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 Battery

To get the battery out (in order to charge it, for example), first detach the DC Connector and gently grab the strap and slowly pull backwards. 

After several seconds of applying pressure, the battery will come right out—just like a car battery.

Then, to charge the battery, just connect it to the power supply charger that’s provided in the box.  You’ll know the battery is charging because progressive white LED lights on the battery will light up and blink, showing you how charged your battery is.

Charging the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 Battery

When the battery is fully charged, gently push it back into its compartment on the speaker.  After that, you will need to plug in the DC connector, as well.

Connecting a Device to SOUNBOKS Gen 4

Connecting my iPad to the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 was easy, as well.  First, I turned on the speaker by hitting the power button.  The panel illuminates (including the white volume button lights surrounding the volume control knob), and you’ll notice a blinking blue bluetooth light.  This means your speaker is ready to pair to your device (phone, tablet, computer, etc).

Pairing your device to the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 speaker
Pairing your device to the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 speaker via bluetooth is easy

I then opened up my settings on my iPad, went to the Bluetooth section, and noticed SOUNDBOKS listed (along with my unique TEAM ID, which is actually located on the side of the speaker, as well).  

While you can also download the SOUNDBOKS app to shape your sound using the equalizer, this isn’t required in order to stream your music from your device to your Gen 4 speaker.

SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 Loudness

There’s no question about it—the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 gets loudvery loud.  While I wouldn’t encourage or advocate for anyone to listen to this speaker on max volume, if that’s something you choose to do, be sure to do it outside and from a very far distance.  

In terms of listening to the speaker inside the home, I found that turning the volume up to about 35-40% was more than adequate to fill multiple rooms of a home (or perhaps one very, very big room in a larger home).  

Turning up the volume on the  SOUNDBOKS Gen 4

I also wanted to mention one additional thing regardless of the loudness of the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4.  Some people may be worried that the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 might accidentally blast you at high volumes when you least expect it.  

So do know this—while the speaker does have a built in volume control, the volume buttons on your device also control the sound to a fairly decent degree.  I found that, despite the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 having its knob turned to about 40% volume levels, that I was able to turn the sound of the entire speaker down to about 5% by using the volume control buttons on my iPad.  

So, if you’re worried that you’ll always have to be close to the speaker to lower the volume, that’s not true.  You’ll be able to change the volume by using your tablet or phone (or computer).  

SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 Sound Quality

Here is where the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 really impressed me.  While I was no doubt blown away by the strength of the sound on the Gen 4 (and certainly the bass response), it was the quality of the sound (especially vocals and instruments) that really made me do continuous double takes.

I tested the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 using YouTube Music (compressed audio), Apple Music (compressed audio), and lossless files (ALAC files saved in a Dropbox folder).  The results were impressive across the board, especially when it came to the lossless audio files.

Listening to artists from Alicia Keys to Aaliyah to Ace of Base to Janet Jackson to Lisa Stansfield to Tupac Shakur, the artist’s voice was never lost or overtaken by the music or bass.  In fact, I was impressed by the strong separation and wide soundstage that this speaker provided.

Often, to get that, it’s better to use two or more speakers, but with the SOUNDBOKS huge build and quality components, I found that vocals soared and the treble really sparked on the higher end.  This was certainly most notable on lossless audio files.

Listening to outstanding vocalists like Whitney Houston or Eva Cassidy made it feel like these talented singers were resurrected to provide me with a one-of-a-kind live performance.  

It was then when it hit me: the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 speaker provides you with an excellent live concert feel that features all of your favorite artists housed on your playlist.  The sound is so strong, impressive, and dynamic, you’ll never want the party to end (especially since the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 isn’t fatiguing to listen to). 

Whether you listen to pop, hip hop, R&B, jazz, synthwave, rock, or country music, the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 will have you nodding your head all night long.

Drawbacks to the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4?

So is there anything bad about the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4?  Well, I noted two things.

The first is that the speaker does have a bit of a rubbery smell.  You notice it the more you hang around close to it—especially if you’re inside and not outside.

This is due to the fact that the Gen 4 has silicone ball corners that are affixed to the speaker in order to protect it from unexpected hits or falls.  

I love that these exist, as they make the speaker far more durable and multipurpose.  My guess is the smell would dissipate after a few days, but I wanted to mention it.

The other issue is the weight of the speaker.  Coming in at about 35 lbs, the SOUNDBOKS isn’t prohibitively heavy.  But I do think that it’s heavy enough to prevent several kinds of people from wanting to give this speaker a try.  

Lifting and walking with this speaker is really only realistic if you’re going short distances.  But if you took this speaker to a festival or reunion, and had to lug it around the whole day, my guess is that the average person’s arms will feel quite a bit sore in the morning.

So, I think if you go with the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 speaker, you need to go in with a gameplan.  Are you going to throw it into your backseat or truck bed and transport it mostly by car?  Or are you going to have to lug this speaker up three flights of stairs several times a day?

I suggest giving it some thought.

Additional Things to Note

Some other things that are worth noting about the Gen 4:

It’s splash proof, so you can feel comfortable taking it to the beach or to a pool.

The speaker comes with a speaker grill removal tool, which allows you to remove the grill (for those that prefer to enjoy their music without a speaker grill).  You can also customize your grill however you wish (for example, you could paint it an entirely different color, then pop it back onto the speaker when you’re done).  

This speaker has microphone and instrument inputs.

You can also wirelessly connect up to five other SOUNDBOKS speakers—which is pretty amazing.  To do that, you would turn on the speaker and change the setting from SOLO mode (which is how I tested this speaker) to HOST mode.  Then, any future speakers you add or team up will will be on JOIN Mode. 

Is the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 Speaker Worth It?

The SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 speaker provides outstanding sound in a relatively reasonably sized speaker.  While the speaker can be a bit heavy for some at 35 lbs, it provides enough loudness to fill an entire street, let alone party or event.  But perhaps more importantly, the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 provides you with fantastic sound clarity that makes it feel like musical artists are giving you a personalized concert.

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