8 Speakers for Music Listening via Bluetooth You Need in Your Life

Picking out a new set of speakers is as fun as any purchase gets for your turntable and vinyl collection. The best part are the possibilities that lie in all the features that are included with each option. Whether you want to hook these up to a turntable or just use them for Spotify on your phone or tablet, you should have options that can work with you as your listening habits change throughout the years.

There are a number of options for music listening with bluetooth and these speakers show off a lot of options. This list is 8 of the best bluetooth speakers you could find, and they are amazing for a few reasons we’ll focus on:

  • Extra features
  • Sound Quality
  • Design
  • Power
  • Ease of Use

With each speaker option in this list, you will see a ton of options and features. Read through and see which one fits your needs best, and understand that each comes with its own strong points and reasons you should put these speakers from the shelf to your bedroom or office. Without any more time to spare, let us get started with an amazing set from Polk.

Below, please take a moment to view our interactive guide to compare some of the popular speakers on the market:

PhotoModelKey Feature
JBL L52Passive Speakers with Retro Design
Audioengine HD3 aptX Bluetooth connectivity
Edifier R1280DBPowered Bookshelf Speakers w/Bluetooth

Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Powered Speakers
Kanto YU2Built-in USB DAC

Kanto YU4Integrated Bluetooth w/aptX Technology
Pioneer DM-40Dual Inputs - RCA + AUX minijack
Dali Oberon 3Optimized 7" Wood Fibre Cone Woofer
Elac Debut Reference2-Way Bass Reflex Reference Speakers

The Best Speakers for Music Listening via Bluetooth

Let’s begin with some Polk speakers.

Polk Audio TSi100

Small in size big in performance the TSi100 is a great speaker to use for wall-hanging surround speakers in a TSi Series home theater (heavy duty wall-hanging brackets are built right in). Or use them as main speakers in a small room where performance is key but size is a consideration. Add a subwoofer to a pair of TSi100s and you have a truly dynamic high performance stereo pair for a truly surprising price. Unlike other speakers in this price range TSi enclosures are constructed of extensively braced solid MDF with 3/4-inch baffles. This virtually eliminates internal resonances and damps energy-stealing vibrations for more efficient operation and more transparent sound.

Surprisingly deep musical bass response thanks to critically tuned flared port venting system which minimizes port noise (“chuffing”) and smooths the turbulence of port air flow to reveal big full-bodied bass that blends effortlessly with the speaker’s overall dynamics. The Klippel motor optimization uses laser measurement technology to ensure a smooth excursion path at either end of the volume spectrum for uniform performance at both low and high volumes. With bluetooth technology added in, these speakers are incredible.

Klipsch R-51PM

This pair of compact, affordable R-51Ms continues the Klipsch tradition of crafting high-quality speakers that offer powerful, lifelike sound. The horn-loaded tweeter — a hallmark of the Klipsch brand — produces clear, detailed highs. Each speaker’s copper spun 4″ woofer delivers solid midrange and bass response. And binding post wire terminals offer easy, secure wire connections. Make these speakers part of a two-channel music system that doesn’t take up much shelf space. Or use a pair of R-41Ms as the front channels of a compact surround sound speaker system.

The speakers also feature removable grilles offer a clean, streamlined look, a rear-firing port that provides fast, efficient airflow from the cabinet for clear, powerful bass, and of course, bluetooth capabilities. Klipsch is the name in audio, and these speakers show off some of their best features and technology.

Dayton Audio MK402BT

The Dayton Audio MK402BT offers incredible sound quality and an outstanding feature set in an unbelievable size. With built-in Bluetooth and an auxiliary input, playing virtually any media is possible. The MK402BT creates a soundstage that is sure to awe even the harshest of critics. Bluetooth 4.2 allows high-fidelity wireless audio playback, and the built-in amplifier makes connecting these speakers simple and hassle-free.

The Dayton Audio MK402BT Powered Bluetooth 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker feature a 4″ treated paper woofer optimized for low-frequency extension, as well as a 3/4″ tweeter that offers a very airy top end to create a beautiful ambiance. On top of it all, an attractive textured, black vinyl finish that stands out among the rest. These speakers are a bit less frills than some, but are an incredible option for those looking for bluetooth speakers.

Insignia Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Upgrade your sound setup with these Insignia Bluetooth bookshelf speakers. Volume, treble and bass dials provide greater control over your home party, and the energy-saving design makes a minimal impact on your bills. The remote control, RCA cable and speaker wire included with these Insignia Bluetooth bookshelf speakers ensure a quick-and-easy installation.

Insignia is the brand that Best Buy technically owns and all of their products are discounted in comparison to the bigger names in electronics. That does not mean that they lack quality, they just happened to be a generic brand, something we don’t always see in electronics.

They do everything you need them to, just don’t expect anything out of the ordinary in terms of quality. They are, however, often available as an open-box item, and they are always available for the most part in store and online. Some of these speakers can’t be purchased in store, so this is a plus for these Insignia Bookshelf Speakers.

Edifer R1010BT

To kick it up a notch, the classic R1010BT Bluetooth speakers re-introduces bookshelf speakers in a whole new way. What you get is the high-quality audio performance you’d never expect from such simple a compact design. Housed in 100% medium-density fiberboard (MDF), this R1010BT is the revisitation of another Edifier classic, the R1000TCN. Featuring 4” bass drivers and 3/4” silk-diaphragm tweeter drivers, the R1010BT Bluetooth bookshelf speaker is engineered to deliver commanding sound with subtlety and details.

Dual integrated line-in jacks for connection to other analog audio devices, saving you the trouble of plugging in and pulling out. The tone control encompasses bass and volume together with the dynamic treble enhancement on port A which is dedicated to catering to your playback preference.

For a personalized listening experience, you’ll find the bass and volume adjustment dials at the back of this bookshelf speaker. The R1010BT Bluetooth bookshelf speakers also feature dual stereo line-in ports. Most of all, it is Bluetooth ready.

These speakers are a favorite because they look as good as they sound. You won’t want to hide these away if you own them, in fact, they will probably draw eyes more than the turntable itself.

Edifer R2000DB

Another Edifer speaker for those looking for something a little cheaper. Not only is the R2000DB stunning, this bookshelf speaker will leave you speechless. An ideal speaker for computers, gaming consoles and mini home theaters. Its comfortable in just about any environment, giving it the diverse functionality suited for any lifestyle. It houses an encased MDF wooden enclosure which minimizes acoustic resonance. The R2000DB bookshelf speakers considers your Hi-tech needs and concerns while driving quality performance and entertainment value. Edifier’s bookshelf speakers with Bluetooth capability produces spectacular sound with exceptional presentation.

Using newly developed 25mm silk dome “Eagle Eye” tweeters, this bookshelf speaker makes the slightest sounds clear. With desirable dimensions and improved specs the “Eagle Eye” lives up to its reputation and demand. With the redesigned elements of the R2000DB bookshelf speakers, distortion in your audio experience is a thing of the past.

Edifier has built in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Dynamic Range Control (DRC) to minimize distortion, keeping your listening experience in mind. Your records are precious and should not be defiled with the inconsistencies of outdated designs.

These speakers are amazing for their price, and honestly the quality that many would consider putting into a studio. Consider these heavily before buying a new set of bluetooth speakers.

  • BONUS: Here’s are some worthwhile speakers that DON’T feature bluetooth capability–but are pretty cool none-the-less.

JBL Arena 120

This pair of black Arena 120 loudspeakers from JBL consists of two 5.5″, two-way passive bookshelf loudspeakers that are ideal for music, movies, TV, games and more. Each with a 5.5″ (140mm) polycellulose woofer and a 1″ (25mm) soft dome tweeter, the Arena 120 bookshelf speakers are inspired by the popular JBL M2 Master Reference Monitors. With High Definition Imaging (HDI) waveguide technology, combined with computer-optimized driver positioning, and optional integration with the rest of the JBL Arena series, the Arena 120 loudspeakers are designed to deliver a balanced blend of value and performance.

The Arena 120s feature a contemporary cabinet shape with angled side and top panels provide a sophisticated, modern look and integrated wall-mount solution for flexible installation and system configuration. The soft-touch paint around the transducers and on the waveguide and black finish, accentuated by minimalist grilles and brushed metal trims, make these speakers look as good as they sound. JBL is a powerhouse in audio, and these prove why.


The speakers on this list are all options that should be considered grail sound systems. There are a number of different features in each pair, and it is likely that you will see a few you like and could see yourself using. Read carefully, and choose your next amazing bluetooth speakers carefully! Happy spinning!

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