Finding the Best Inner Record Sleeves Money Can Buy

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Hey guys, and in this video, we’re going to be talking about the best inner sleeves you can use for storing your vinyl records.

Now when I first started collecting records, I actually went with one of the most basic, cheap, simple options you could ever go for when it comes to protecting your records.

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So I really wanted to see what else is on the market that can do the same job but do it better.  I really had a very simplistic criteria of what I was looking for. 

Prevent my record from being scratched.

Prevent my record from having static.

And prevent my record from having dust.

And that’s about it.

So what I actually found, and what I actually use now, is something called the Diskeeper Audiophile Inner Record Sleeve.  So I got my inner record sleeves at a website called Sleeve City.  And no, I’m not getting paid.  I get no commissions. 

However I will say…Sleeve City:  Holla atcha boy.

So this is what the record actually looks like when its inside of the record sleeve that I use.  But because there’s so much glare coming off from the lights, I’m actually going to take some time to show you what this looks like in better lighting conditions.  And so I’ll be back with you in a moment. 

Now before I get to the plastic sleeves that I use, I first thought it would be valuable to show you the paper sleeves I was using for a very long time.

Now paper sleeves can technically do a decent enough job protecting your records inside of your jacket.  But there are still a few problems with paper sleeves. 

The first issue with paper sleeves is that it can leave your records with far more dust, debris, and static than other inner record sleeves do. 

The second issue is that paper sleeves are made out of…well…paper.  So they’re going to be far more prone to getting bent, ripped, and damaged, as opposed to plastic sleeves, which have far more longevity.

Now as you can see with the Diskeeper sleeves I’m using now, it’s simply two pieces of plastic.  And in between is a piece of paper, also called Rice Paper, sandwiched in the middle.

Protecting your record is as simple as sliding it in between the two pieces of plastic, putting the actual inner record sleeve back into the album jacket, and putting the jacket back onto the shelf.

One additional thing I really like about these inner record sleeves is that the plastic allows you to see the full album, as opposed to the paper sleeve, where you could only see the label.

Now that may not seem like a big deal to most but, whether you have colored vinyl, or you just want to quickly be able to assess whether or not your record has any type of scratches or defects on the surface, you’re able to do so far faster than you would if you had a paper sleeve.

So guys, I really hope you enjoyed this video on inner record sleeves.    I hope it gave you some ideas on maybe what you can do to improve the condition of how your records are housed inside of your gatefold jackets or record jackets in general.

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And don’t forget to comment below this video because I would really love to know what type of inner sleeves you like to use.  Do you like to use the paper sleeves?  Do you like to use plastic sleeves?  Are there maybe some of you that don’t like to use any sleeves at all?

Definitely let me know down in the comment section.  I’ll be down there responding with you as well.  And I can’t wait to see you in the next video.  I’ll talk to you guys soon!


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