15 Awesome Record Player Stands and Cabinets for Your Home

Discover some of the top record player stands and cabinets.

Whether you have recently purchased a record player or you are a long-time collector, the design of a record player stand is key to properly storing and preserving your records.

Back in the day, record cabinets and stands were the iconic epicenters of any room, and defined any space in which they were a part of. Preservation is key to ensure the quality of the sound you are experiencing and the longevity of your records.

But before we get started, please take a quick look (below) at a few popular vinyl record storage options you may want to consider:

Line Phono Height Stand
Line Phono Extra Height Stand

Storing Your Records in a Cabinet

Storing your records vertically—not stacking them on top of one another—is generally the best way to preserve your albums. Often, when records are stacked on top of each other like pancakes, it can lead to warping.

You definitely don’t want that.

Be sure to keep your records upright when storing them to ensure less distortion and damage. Environmental damage is always a large concern when attempting to preserve your records. Keeping them organized, safely positioned, and away from potential heat or extreme cold is key.

The storage options recommended below will also help reduce mold and mildew, excessive dust, bending or breaking. Not only should you preserve your records from becoming unplayable but also the chemical components of the record can alter and change throughout time so be careful when storing these polyvinyl chloride discs.

15 Awesome Record Player Stands and Cabinets

The following 15 record player stands and cabinets suggested are sure to keep your records from warping, offer a variety design aesthetics and prices, and keep your space looking modern and fresh. 

No matter your style or collection, here are some excellent options that offer the most bang for your buck.

1. Vinyl Record Storage Shelf

Vinyl Record Shelf the Urban Outfitters stand is great for a casual enthusiast, and it holds several dozen records. This shelf is perfect for a small apartment or condensed music area. There are also two flat display shelves to use for additional support as well.

This is an excellent option for your first all in one vinyl player, but may not be large enough to display your bookshelf speakers and additional knick-knacks. This stand is also easy to clean as it is made out of iron, and will keep the dust at bay and your records clean and safe. 

This shelf costs about $80.

*Most Customizable Option

2. OrWaDesigns- Mid Century Record Stand

If you have a larger collection and a more vintage taste check out the OrWaDesigns selections on Etsy. These shelving units have a sleek design, moderate price point, and hold quite a substantial amount of vinyl. This shelf is mid-century modern inspired and has a solid construction.

The shelving is made to order and comes in a variety of colors from a warm wheat color to a light stained blonde. This stand is easily customizable due to the nature of the company and easy to modify. This stand will hold a small collection, but there are various options for larger collectors by the designer.

*Best Starter Record Player Stand

3. Simple Wood Goods- Record Storage Cube

Okay so you just went out to buy a record player, and you’re looking for a simple and hip record player stand and boom you’ve found it! This stand is excellent for a large collection and has a simple and functional design. If you are a newbie collector then you can start with one cube and slowly add cubes to your collection as your vinyl collection grows.

These cubes have a clear sliding door to keep out dust and are made out of the light Baltic Birchwood. Get this cube in a standard color or get the basic color and customize it yourself. This design is excellent for a record collecting commitment-phobe with small and larger collections alike. Start with one cube if you’d like or continue to grow your collection after filling your initial cube (these cubes are stackable). These cubs come in tons of colors, are dust-proof, and are easy to configure.

This record storage options costs about $130.

*Most Extravagant Collector

4. Wax Rax- Vinyl Record Console

This impeccably crafted vinyl stand is the most luxury and sturdy piece of furniture listed. This console has a space for shelving for records as well as a flat platform to place your record player on.

These are custom made in New York City and come in a variety of materials and colors. This is great for someone with a medium size collection or someone with a small and very valuable collection that would need proper storage.

*The Hip But Practical Collector

5. LPBIN LP Storage Cabinet

One of my favorite options for record storage might be the LPBIN.  For just a few hundred dollars, you get a hip and holy functional cabinet that can hold hundreds of records. 

Coming in multiple colors (black, white, cherry) and storing your records in the same fashion you’d see in your local record store, the LPBIN LP record storage cabinet has bins that are about 13” deep and the shelf is about 44” to 48” tall, so your days of having to bend down real low to get your vinyl records is over.

Browse comfortably to your heart’s content.

Assembling the cabinet will take approximately 20-30 minutes.  It costs between $230 and $330, depending on the size you get.

  • Be sure to check out a video about vinyl record storage ideas I made on my YouTube channel (which you can watch below):

6. Ikea Kallax

This is pretty much a staple in the vinyl community.  And for good reason.

The Ikea Kallax isn’t sexy–but man, does it work well.

You can get the Kallax in a variety of different configurations, so if you just need four cubes (2×2), they have you covered.  But if you need 8 cubes (4×4), they have that, as well.

I own several of the 2×2 Kallax cubes to hold my hundreds of vinyl records.  They come in a variety of colors, but I personally like the white high gloss ones.  I particularly like the high gloss cubes because the gloss provides a smooth surface.  This makes whatever you put on the top of the cube (I like to display statues on top) easy to slide back and forth.

The gloss also prevents you from hearing unwanted scraping sounds that may occur when you slide an object (even an album jacket) across the cube’s surface.

The Kallax is easy to set up by hand–but is far easier to set up if you have an electric drill.

If you don’t own a drill, I definitely would recommend it.  I’ve built Ikea Kallax shelves with and without a drill.  And the simple addition of a drill cut my assembly time in half.

*Best Beginner Collector Cabinet

7.  Gold Hex Record Cabinet

This cabinet by Modern Arks has a mid-century barn-wood shell and a geometric ‘gold hex’ pattern on the inside is beautiful, as well as the hairpin legs. Store a variety of LPs in this awesome little space, about a hundred or so.

This is great for a beginning collector, who needs a multi-functional cabinet to store their record player or goodies on top. This is a timeless and multi-functional piece at a moderate price point.

8.  Duraweld Adjustable-Height Cart

Okay–admittedly, this is probably the most creative idea for record storage.  And although it’ll take some unique balancing tricks to get the records stacked, I liked that it was highly portable and worthy of at least a mention.

This cart is also durable and pretty convenient. It has wheels on the bottom and provides any audiophile with two shelving units for vinyl, and a top area to put your record player on. This cart is multi-functional as well and could be used for a variety of your technology needs, as it also comes with a three-outlet power strip. It comes in royal blue, red, and black.

9. Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand

From the hairpin legs to the metal record organizers, to the wooden drawers and contemporary farmhouse shell, this rack is great for keeping your vinyl damage free and very organized.

This price is excellent and is a great statement piece in any home. The Novogratz Concord has two drawers for additional record supplies or other goodies for those who need storage. This is as aesthetically pleasing to your eyes and it is to your pocketbook.

This stand costs about $90.

10. LP Record Rack Two Shelf 

This shelf comes in five different groovy colors, will store a medium amount of records, and has a solid construction. This classic style has three record cubes on the top and three on the bottom in order to prioritize and organize your record listening. The construction of this shelf may not be as hefty as the aforementioned cabinets but is still a solid buy.

This item costs a little bit about the $300 mark.

*Best DIY Collector

11. Crate Farm – KTPF1223 Storage Crate

If DIY is your cup of tea, then be sure to check out this crate. This is an assembly required crate that is compiled of simple wooden slabs. If customization is important to you, then this will surely be a fun project to fit your exact needs.

This is a great project for the vinyl collector that is looking for a crate in a very specific color that cannot be found elsewhere. This option is also good for those who do not have a lot of wall space and is interested in a very practical option. This crate is affordable and made with sustainable Cypress wood.

This sells for about $40.

12. Walnut Brown Wood Ashlyn Bookshelf

Designed by Zak Rose, the horizontal stacking method in this bookshelf may not be the most functional but certainly can be appropriate for a variety of spaces and a great alternative to traditional cabinets. This shelf is great for someone with a small to medium sized collection and allows additional shelving to show-off objects or music memorabilia.

This item is sold as a bookshelf, but it is also a unique alternative to traditional record storage options. This shelf does require set-up, but don’t worry it is not too complicated.

This will cost you approximately $299.

*Most Functionally Designed Cabinet

13. Better Homes and Garden

So on the surface, you might look at this record storage cube design and think the following: “didn’t you already recommend this to me?”

Well, not exactly.

Sure, it shares almost the exact same design as the Ikea Kallax cubes.  But, this particular cube is made by Better Homes and Garden, and you can most notably find them at Walmart and even Amazon.

I think that this is a great option if you can’t get the Ikea Kallax.  Here’s my personal story on why:

A few months ago, I was trying desperately to buy the Kallax on Ikea’s website.  It was definitely in stock, but everytime I went to checkout and attempt to get a delivery window, it would show as undeliverable.

Why won’t Ikea give me a delivery time?  Why won’t Ikea let me checkout, especially if the item is in stock?

Well, I think it’s most related to warehouse availability.  The item may show as “in stock” on the website, but it all comes down to whether or not the specific warehouse your product would ship from has it in stock.

If not–you’re out of luck.

So when that happened, I turned to the Better Homes and Garden cube.

Now, in my opinion, this is just as good as the Ikea Kallax for storing records.  I haven’t noticed any bowing or breaking or anything of the kind.

I will say that I personally believe the Ikea Kallax is easier to set up–and takes less time.  The Better Homes and Garden cube required more wooden dowels to be used, and you had to use the supplied glue sparingly all throughout the process.  The Kallax, on the other hand, relies far less on wood dowels and doesn’t require any glue–which I prefer.

Once it’s all built, however, it’s very hard to decipher any noticeable differences.  And I do like that the Better Homes and Garden cube comes with a metal four-legged attachment that will add extra stability once your cubes fill with vinyl.

If I had to make a choice, I’d say the Ikea Kallax is better.  But it’s not by much.  And I think the Better Homes and Garden is an excellent choice if the Kallax is out of stock.

*Best for Large Collectors

14. Aficionado 800 LP Organizer

This is a very minimal design that can hold up to eight hundred LPs. This design is great for those who have a large collection but need to store their vinyl in a small space.

This organizer muse is assembled once it is received but is excellent once it is finished. If record organization is important to you, there is plenty of space here to add dividers into your cabinet in order to alphabetize your collection.

*Best for Small or Casual Collectors

15.  Crosley Entertainment Center Stand ST66-PA

Cheap, small, simple, and affordable what else can you ask for? If you already have a Crosley record player then this stand will go well, as it fits the Crosley aesthetic as well.

This stand is handcrafted, has a hand rubbed finish, and requires a bit of assembly. It is light-weight, easy to move around, and is great for someone who just started their collection.

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