7 Best Male Country Singers of the 70s That Are LEGENDS!

Here Are Our Selections for the Best Male Country Singers of the 70s!

There have been so many amazing male country singers throughout the years, all of whom worked extremely hard to make a name for themselves. But the 1970s was a unique time in country music, and in this article, we’re going to share our picks for the top male country singers of the 70s that not only were great decades ago, but influenced the next generation of country artists who that succeeded them.

Male Country Singers of the 70s

Let’s begin by heaping some praise on Charlie Daniels.

Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels was well-known as a singer, songwriter, and musician for decades. His singing style spanned several genres, including: country rock, bluegrass, country, southern rock, and more. While he had a number of hits, his most popular was no doubt The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Though most of Daniels’ career was spent solo, he had a number of chart topping singles with the Charlie Daniels Band. Daniels was a very active artist up until his passing; he was nominated for many awards and was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. He co-wrote a number of hits for other artists like Elvis Presley, earning him recommendations from many of the best artists of all time.

During his career, he became an incredible fiddle player. Most of his records included his unique style of playing the instrument. Daniels was nominated and won several prizes for his songwriting, singing, and instrumental abilities. He entered the Country Music Hall of Fame and was awarded the MMP Music Award, being inducted into the MMP Hall of Fame later. 

Along with his success, Daniels had a strong sense of patriotism, which frequently influenced his career decisions. He was an incredibly strong individual who stood up for what he believed in. He was open about his support for America’s defense, alongside his other political views. While I may not agree with all of his views, I respect his strength in supporting his beliefs. He was a force to be reckoned with and left a place in fans’ hearts forever.

Favorite Song

There are so many great Charlie Daniels songs, and many of them are extremely popular. However, I personally believe that the best one he ever recorded was his 1974 release, Long Haired Country Boy. It’s one of those songs that makes you think about who an individual is, what makes them country, and why they are the way they are. Not to mention, it showcases his specific talents well; his deep country twang and his instrumental talents. It’s a timeless hit, so younger adults even get brought back to childhood when hearing this old country song. 

John Denver

John Denver was known for his singer-songwriter abilities and instrumental talents and was an activist, actor, and humanitarian. He worked mostly as a solo artist, traveling and living all over the world during that time. He spent the 1970s as one of the best-selling acoustic artists of the decade.

During his career, Denver released approximately 300 songs, with the majority being his own compositions. He had 33 albums that reached gold or platinum status or topped the charts. Among these songs were Rocky Mountain High, Calypso, Thank God I’m a Country Boy, and Poems, Prayers, & Promises.

Denver’s career spanned decades, with his material and commitment to his work earning him a number of awards and nominations. He ventured through the entire entertainment industry, creating The John Denver Show and making his mark on television. Among his awards, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award to acknowledge his incredibly successful career.

Success didn’t end when Denver met his untimely death, though. A number of tributes to honor Denver were made at the following Country Music Association and Grammy Awards. CBS presented a dedicated television film, Take Me Home: The John Denver Story, based on his memoirs. He became an icon of what Colorado should be, and the state did everything they could think of to honor him. His legacy will live on in the number of tributes that honor him.

Favorite Song

The list of incredible songs that came from John Denver is almost endless. However, there are a few that really just cannot be beat. Thank God I’m a Country Boyand Take Me Home, Country Roads are two of my favorite songs, not just by John Denver but in general. They really take you down the path of remembering who you are and where you came from, no matter where that is. They are a reminder to get back to your roots and appreciate that lifestyle. 

Kenny Rogers

Another incredible singer, songwriter, and actor was Kenny Rogers. His career spanned several decades, during which time he recorded and released over 120 hit singles across various genres. He was well-known as an artist in multiple genres: pop, folk, rock, jazz, and country.

Rogers was gifted in many areas, including acting, music, and his distinctive voice. He had an extremely successful solo career, but he also had success venturing into duets, holiday specials, and television. He also had a successful crossover career, with a number of his hits topping charts in multiple genres.

Besides his awards and nominations in the entertainment industry, Rogers made a name for himself in other industries. He had a chicken chain, Kenny Rogers Roasters, though that led him to become the butt of a great many jokes. Rogers also put his name on a sprint car racing manufacturer, Gambler Chassis Co.

Rogers was honored through a number of references to and tributes to his work. He had his farewell tour, breaking every fan’s heart. Then, sadly, he passed away, breaking the hearts of fans around the world and the hearts of the artists he worked with over the years. The Gambler will always be remembered.

Favorite Song

There are a number of great songs by Kenny Rogers, but the one nearest and dearest to my heart is You Can’t Make Old Friends, a duet with Dolly Parton. The song brings back memories of my childhood, something I imagine it does for a lot of people. Dolly’s and Rogers’ voices go together perfectly, providing a sort of comfort in having a couple of amazing artists together, singing the lyrics they do.

Charley Pride

Charley Pride was a singer, instrumentalist, and a professional baseball player. He had over 52 hits that topped country charts, with 32 making it to number one. He won a great many awards, including a Grammy Award in 1972.

Pride is one of only three African-American members of the Grand Ole Opry. He was also inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame for his incredible musical talents. But, he was more than just musically talented. Pride was also a professional baseball player, pitching for the Memphis Red Sox of the Negro American League. 

Pride’s career began with an event that shocked country music fans all over the world. Before the summer concert of 1966, country fans had no idea that Pride was African-American, so it came as a huge shock to about 10,000 people at that time. However, this event kicked off what would be a long and successful career for Pride.

Charley Pride was a special part of country music history, something that changed the way fans received country music forever. His awards and nominations are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of his success. Pride opened a door for African-Americans who want to venture out for a career in the industry, and his memory shines brightly in the hearts of country fans everywhere.

Favorite Song

Pride had a long list of wonderful releases, but his most incredible song was undoubtedly Kiss an Angel Good Morning. The song’s lyrics are beautifully sincere, and his voice is especially unique. This song is one that brings back memories of growing up with my grandparents singing the timeless lyrics. Kiss an Angel Good Morning is truly my all-time favorite.

Merle Haggard

Merle Haggard was known to have overcome a troubled childhood after the death of his father. He struggled with life, serving time in prison. However, he was able to turn his life around and have an extremely successful music career. 

Haggard was extremely supportive of the working class and our soldiers. Several of his songs were to that effect, singing of working class men. He was also encouraging to those who were in prison, trying to be the light that got people through troubled times. He ironically took pride in being from Middle America, where not many challenged authority.

During Haggard’s long career, he received numerous awards, including a Grammy Award. He was also inducted into several halls of fame. Haggard was given numerous awards, including a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, in 2006. Haggard was also honored for making an outstanding contribution to American culture. 

Favorite Song

Merle Haggard had so many amazing hits, but Working Man Blues is the most special song that he released. It tells the tale of any blue-collar worker who struggles to support their family. It serves as a reminder that those people need recognition and support, just like any other person. They can get tired and depressed just as easily as the next person, but they’re forced to put a smile on their face while they support and love their family.

Johnny Cash

If you don’t know who Johnny Cash is, can you really call yourself a country music fan? Cash is an important part of country music history. Known as “The Man in Black,” Cash had a beautiful bass-baritone voice, unique and full of strength. Though he came from a poor background, Cash did especially well for himself.

Cash did not stick with country music, however. He dabbled in several genres, including blues, rock and roll, gospel, rockabilly, and folk; and he made a name for himself in all of them. Cash had a number of signature songs, each beautiful and homely in its own way.

Johnny Cash enjoyed performing, and was known to break into song during simple interviews. However, every concert began the same way, with a simple introduction: “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.” His introduction was immediately followed by the song Folsom Prison Blues before he launched into his catalog of well-known songs. The list includes I Walk the Line, Ring of Fire, Get Rhythm, and Man in Black.

Cash left an incomparable legacy. Tributes have been made left and right to honor the great Johnny Cash. He supported a great many charities, and several funds were created in his name to honor that. Songs by other country artists have been dedicated to him; some have even been named after him. All of this, on top of the awards and nominations over the years. Cash left his mark on the country music industry, even before many of us were born.

Favorite Song

There’s no doubt, Johnny Cash left this earth a better place with his songs. He wrote so many songs that are full of country sentiment. However, one of my favorite Cash songs has to be Five Feet High and Rising. This song is one that most kids who grew up in the country know. You hear the first few words, and it takes you right back to hearing it on the radio, sitting on your grandparents’ front porch, snapping beans and listening to their stories. It’s home.

Willie Nelson

The good ol’ Willie Nelson, advocate for the legalization of marijuana and American country singer and musician, He has also had a strong acting career. Nelson is known for his laid back demeanor and diversified career. 

The 1960s were a troubled time in the music industry, and Nelson grew weary of the Nashville music scene. Nelson spent most of the 1970s performing rather than recording. He was considered an outlaw in the country music industry and pursued his claim to fame with several outlaw albums, recorded with other artists like Waylon Jennings. He later joined the country supergroup The Highwaymen. The group included fellow singers: Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and Waylong Jennings.

After hitting some financial hardships, he began settling into an acting career. He also became a major liberal activist, focusing on the legalization of marijuana. His career spanned various industries, including entertainment, politics, etc. Nelson also explored several genres across the music industry, including blues, jazz, and reggae.

Nelson is a widely recognized American icon despite his struggles and contentious points of view. The number of awards he’s received and been nominated for is high, even for someone of his talent. He also received awards for his dedication to charities and for being an all around decent person. He has used his power mostly for good, and his legacy will live on long past his death.

Favorite Song

Now, there are a great many number of hits to choose from when it comes to Willie Nelson. It can be a difficult choice. However, I think it’s safe to say that Always On My Mind if one of Nelson’s most amazing songs. It’s a beautiful, meaningful, and significant number about love. It reminds us to think about our choices and, more importantly, to pay attention to the ones we love while they’re still around, or you might just lose them.


Each and every decade adds to the history of country music. Both male and female artists are an important part of each decade. The best male country singers of the 70s were some of those who brought about a new style of country music: outlaw country. They also strived to improve on what others before them had started. Without these artists, country music wouldn’t be what it is today.

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This article was written by Katherine and edited by Michael.

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