12 Female Singers with Red Hair You’ll Love

Discover the Female Singers with Red Hair!

I know that hair color, at the end of the day, is borderline meaningless.  Still, there is something about female singers with red hair that’s exciting.  Maybe it’s because we associate them with fire, or perhaps they’re seen as sexy or alluring.  Whatever it is, the number one thing you can say is that they are all immensely talented. 

Here are the best of the best.

Best Female Singers with Red Hair

Let’s discuss the talented duo known as The Judds.

The Judds

The Judds are technically two female singers with red hair, okay? But because they are mother and daughter, have worked together for years, and both have red hair, we are of course going to include them together.  The pair are without a doubt among the most recognizable in the history of country music, and their connection only serves to further cement their fame. 

Years of their exhilarating energy and popular songs gave us some of the most amazing experiences. Popular songs like Love Can Build a Bridge have brought us many memorable moments. Combining their passion and legendary voices was no doubt the right thing to do.

The Judds had successful solo careers in addition to becoming one of the most well-known duos in country music. But when they reunited for their incredible farewell tour, country music fans around the country were happy. However, the most endearing and inspiring aspect of the pair was their loving relationship. 

As with every mother-daughter relationship, there were problems. But they gave many of us inspiration through their music and love for one another. Even after Naomi’s passing, it still lasts.

Favorite The Judds Song: My favorite songs by particular artists are frequently not among their best-selling singles. But I have to admit that Love Can Build a Bridge, one of The Judds‘ most well-known songs, is my favorite work of theirs. It’s a lovely, heartfelt, and motivational piece that conveys the idea that “love conquers all.” It’s undoubtedly their best song because of the powerful and beautiful lyrics and harmony.

Shirley Manson

Scottish singer-songwriter Shirley Manson is best known as the frontwoman of the alternative pop/rock group Garbage. But that isn’t all we know her for. Manson has a “don’t take s**t from anyone” mentality, and her passion and fiery presence show it. 

Together, Manson and her band have created some epic songs in a unique, emo punk sound. The songs have feisty lyrics that scream “Look at me, but don’t give me your opinion because I don’t care.” The lyrics range from secret romance to obvious LGBTQ+ support. 

Without a doubt, Manson will advocate for others and herself in both her speeches and her music. Manson uses her voice and popularity to alter the world, unlike many musicians who keep their personal ideas and political participation to themselves.

Favorite Shirley Manson Song: Over the years, Garbage has created a number of excellent songs, with Shirley Manson at the forefront. Manson’s vocals, however, only started to stand out when the band’s sound began to evolve. Not only does Why Do You Love Me highlight that voice, but it also introduces a new sound for the band and Manson. The song is unquestionably one of their greatest.

Is Sarah McLachlan one of the top female singers with red hair?

Many people are familiar with Sarah McLachlan because of songs like Angel, a powerful symbol of mourning and healing, especially after tragic losses. Others are familiar with her thanks to the tear jerking ASPCA commercials that included her cover of Silent Night

She became a household name in the struggle for human and animal rights during those phases of her work. Her smoky, eerie tones from her earlier years will always be associated with sad puppy dog eyes in my imagination.

But did you realize that Toy Story 2 utilized McLachlan’s voice? Although many people were unaware of it, she was a part of many people’s childhoods. Frankly, I don’t understand how anyone could fail to recognize her breathy, heavenly voice. 

She is undoubtedly much more than just her “SPCA song.” McLachlan’s music spans a variety of musical genres, and both in the US and in her native Canada, she has won numerous prestigious awards. 

Favorite Sarah McLachlan Song: Sarah McLachlan is most known for the aforementioned pieces of music. But one of her greatest pieces, I Will Remember You, existed before those. It’s a song that holds a special place in my heart, and its words advocate for moving on from the past—but never forgetting the past. McLachlan became extremely popular in the 1990s thanks to her extremely relatable song lyrics.

Tori Amos

Tori Amos’ musical inclinations began as a child, but since she couldn’t mold herself in a way that might placate men, she struggled for quite some time. Her very first solo album featured that struggle in a very relatable way. Amos has never been quiet about the horrors of her past and being a woman—one of her first songs directly addressed sexual assault. 

Over the years, her voice has become an inspiration to so many. Amos’ political voice has never wavered either—many of her books provide comfort and guidance. It’s always been obvious that her unique musical style and voice—well, she was going to use them to help others. 

Favorite Tori Amos Song: Nobody does love songs quite like Amos, despite the fact that she is known for her opposition to patriarchy and religion. My favorite song by Amos is Northern Lad, a moving illustration. The song’s lyrics are heavily focused on the emotions you experience after learning that someone didn’t truly love you for who you were. It’s a song that’s really relatable, full of passion and love as well as sadness and distress.

Florence Welch

Florence Welch was discovered after she cornered her later manager in a pub and “held her hostage” so to speak, until she agreed to take her on as a client. Talk about a woman who knows what she wants. 

She became the leader of the epic off-brand punk band Florence and the Machine and created a polished punk sound with their help. Together, they began putting out darker lyrics, which she later attributed to her love of soul and blues. 

Obviously, Welch feels things intensely and immensely—and she puts it into her lyrics. Aside from putting her experiences with mental health issues, sobriety, the LGBTQ+ community, and more into relatable song lyrics, Welch has had no problem speaking about these topics in a very public manner. Interview after interview has proven that she is an ally in every sense of the term.

Favorite Florence Welch Song: Most songs offer dual meanings, and my favorite Florence and the Machine song is no different. Never Let Me Go is often said to be about suicide, but I don’t think that’s all the song addresses. For me, it’s about accepting that you have transformed—but not necessarily in a positive way.

Or the acceptance that you must change—however you can. The only thing that can lead you, and the only way you can eventually “find a place to rest your head,” is in the ocean’s hands. The ocean can represent anyone in your life, good or bad. 


Tiffany, an 80s pop singer, has experienced her fair share of ups and downs during her career and personal life. For many of the ladies who were impressionable young girls in the 1980s, her music helped to mold their formative years. Although her musical style has altered over the years, there is no denying that she still possesses remarkable skill.

Although many of us still view her as a teen star, she is now appreciated for her freeing presence and fashion. Tiffany is one of the few teen pop singers who has remained active in the music industry, which makes her very remarkable. Her brief ventures into other industries only allowed her creativity to blossom. Tiffany is still thriving and evolving with the times.

Favorite Tiffany Song: One of Tiffany’s most well-known songs also happens to be one of her greatest. One of the most relatable songs for teens everywhere is I Think We’re Alone Now. We may all recall the sense of hiding and making time to be alone when we were hormone-ravaged teenagers in new relationships. Despite the song’s seeming innocence, the song is open for interpretation. Honestly, it’s just a lighthearted tune that’s enjoyable for both teenagers and young adults.

Caylee Hammack

Caylee Hammack is fairly new to the music industry, but as a child, she grew up on karaoke and Patsy Cline. But there’s so much more to her than a small-town country girl who grew up listening to the great legends of country music. 

Hammack’s songs are nothing short of autobiographical, her goal being to “write a story that will completely immerse you for three minutes into my life.” It’s clear that she has been abundantly successful in reaching her goal.

The best part about her songs being mostly about her own life experiences is how relatable they are. Many of us grew up similar to the way she did, and we are enjoying the flashbacks that her “short stories” are giving us.

Hammack’s musical style is unique and honest, but comforting in an unexpected way. She speaks the truth in her lyrics, and that can’t be denied. Not to mention, the fire in her voice matches her flaming red hair. 

Favorite Caylee Hammack: Small Town Hypocrite is one of the most relatable anthems to small-town relationships falling apart. Cheating, hoping, staying, leaving—this song has it all. It’s a heartbreaking reminder not to give up who you are for anyone, even the person you love. Don’t let yourself become bitter over someone who mistreats you, cheats on you, and leaves you (in Caylee Hammack’s words, “ain’t that some s**t”).

Jo Dee Messina

Quirky and feisty are just a couple terms that describe this fiery redhead beauty. Her personality and dedication to her music have gotten her through some rough times during her career and brought us many great hits. Songs like I’m Alright and Heads Carolina, Tails California have earned a special place in my heart. 

Messina’s voice can only be described as husky and powerful, and it gives her music a unique sound. Her music career came full circle with her performance of She Had Me at Heads Carolina with Cole Swindel, a heavy reference to one of her own popular hits. I mean, truly, what more could an artist want than another artist honoring them with their own hits?

Favorite Jo Dee Messina Song: The obvious choice here is Heads Carolina, Tails California. But I’m actually going to have to go with I’m Alright as my favorite song by Messina. The music is upbeat, and the lyrics are a spectacular reminder that no matter what’s going on, there’s always a bright side.

Chlöe Howl

Chlöe Howl is an enthusiastic British singer/songwriter with a musical style to match her endearing personality. Howl is extremely outspoken about injustices and oppressions, especially in her music. Her style is very no-nonsense, unmessy, and direct; she has a powerful personality that overflows into her lyrics.

For a very long while, Howl’s songs were very much about being a bored teenager—but at the time, she was one. As the years have gone on, her music has adapted to her growth and strength, and the career disruptions she has dealt with like backlash from the #MeToo movement.

Favorite Chlöe Howl Song: No Strings is by far my favorite Howl song. It’s a really fine example of her personality, and for that matter, any strong female’s attitude. But it really reminds me of an angry teenage girl who is dealing with a hormone-raging boyfriend who turns out to be a jerk. It was hard to take back who we were as teenage girls, but we all did it.

Reba McEntire

Reba is one of the most iconic, fiery redheads of today, especially in the country music industry. For many years, she has blessed us with her rich vocal range and her thick, twangy accent. Songs like Fancy, I’m a Survivor, and Is There Life Out There are her best pieces.

Every little girl who grew up hearing country music knows of Reba and her relatable lyrics. So much so, Reba had her own show with one of her songs as the theme song because the lyrics are so relatable and understandable. 

Aside from her epic singing career, Reba has blessed us with her acting skills in multiple popular shows and films. Most of these have featured vocal talent through their soundtracks. Her exciting personality and talents are evident in everything she does, even her interviews.

Favorite Reba McEntire Song: Among the numerous incredible songs Reba McEntire has released over the years, the one that stands out to me the most would be Is There Life Out There. As mothers, many women struggle and wonder if there is more to life than what they currently see.

The fact is, they are then ridiculed for vocalizing that curiosity. This song serves as a reminder that even though a mother may be feeling that way, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her family. This message really hits home for me.

Jess Glynne

Jess Glynne seemed to explode like a rocket with her debut studio album “I Cry When I Laugh.” If you have never heard her music, you’d think the album would be a somber downer–and you couldn’t be any more wrong.

This red headed pop singer from England dropped an album full of dance hits. And even if you don’t like hitting up the club, make sure you throw on this album when you’re working out (or just trying to stay awake or motivated)–I guarantee it’ll get your adrenaline going and your head nodding.

My Favorite Jess Glynne: “Hold My Hand.” If you’re looking for a mix of excitement and inspiration, you can’t do much better than this infectious track by Jess Glynne.

Geri Halliwell

Oh come on, let’s just take it all the way back to the late 1990s? Arguably the most popular female singer with red hair in 1997, Geri Halliwell was of course best known as Ginger Spice from the beloved group the Spice Girls. If somehow you missed the Spice Girls phenomenon, perhaps because you’re too young, you missed a wild, wild time.

My Favorite Geri Halliwell song: 2 Become 1, which was featured on an album by the Spice Girls. If you’re looking for a sweet throwback ballad, be sure to take this record for a spin on your turntable.

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