Hypnotic Holograms Come to ‘Star Wars’ Vinyl

Star Wars Hologram

One of the greatest things about vinyl records are how fun, immersive, and expressive they can be.  Vinyl is the ultimate musical expression in physical media—from it’s large and fabulous cover art to the array of colored vinyl and unique box sets.

And with the new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” release on vinyl, that concept of fun, connection, and expression jumps to the next level thanks to a pair of very cool holograms.

The soundtrack for “The Force Awakens” (available now) features holograms etched directly onto the vinyl on the album’s B sides.  Sure, that may not sound like much on the surface, but as with all vinyl, the magic happens when you spin the record.

And here, once the needle drops, the etchings on the vinyl come alive.  As the record continuously spins, it looks like you’re seeing a 3D, holographic image of a TIE fighter or the Millennium Falcon hovering over your record.

It’s encouraged that, in order to see the hologram at its best, that you have a little bit of light (even if it’s from your mobile phone) shining onto the black vinyl as it spins.

And while all of that’s cool, this vinyl release also features 180 gram records and a 16 page booklet.

The holographic etchings were crafted by Tristan Duke (Jack White’s Lazaretto) of Infinity Light Science.

To see how this amazing effect looks, check out the video below:

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