12 Songs About Stupid Men to Make You Feel Better

Here are some notable songs about stupid men.

Songs that mock or criticize the actions of men are nothing new to the world of music. Whether through clever lyrics or a catchy melody, songs about stupid men have been a way for artists to express their ideas about the foolish behavior of some men. Today, I will go over a list of songs about stupid men. 

Best Songs About Stupid Men

12.  American Idiot by Green Day

Looking for some good rock songs about stupidly?  Give this classic Green Day song a try.

Can I interest you in some rock songs about stupidity?  If is, then “American Idiot” should be at the top of your list when it comes to a record about stupid men. The lyrics in this song address the frustration with men’s incompetence concerning the handling of the media and the Iraq War.

The song’s bold and proactive message encourages listeners to question these male public figures. However, what makes this song stand out from others is that it encourages fans to openly critique American leadership and to speak up for a better future for America. 

This blunt and punk rock vibing jam has been an anthem for many Americans. This song continues to be relevant almost twenty years later. As music lovers continue their lives, American Idiot’s lyrics about social inequality and questioning of politics remain a core value today as the concerns and frustrations continue to grow over the male leadership in America. 

11. Better Man by Pearl Jam

This emotionally charged song is a song that had to be on this list. “Better Man” by Pearl Jam focuses on the issue of abusive men and how men trap women in a cycle of abuse. Sadly, this is an issue that remains relevant in 2023. This song is relevant because the lyrics expose the intense emotions of being alone and desperate in a dangerous situation. Overall, Pearl Jam does a great job of evoking emotion from the listener. 

This song is heartbreaking but powerful as it focuses on the consequences of toxic masculinity and how we must fight against domestic violence. Eddie Vedder’s voice adds a sense of sadness to already emotionally filled lyrics. Despite being released in 1994, this song will always continue to be around and a fan favorite for many, including other artists, because of the critical message Better Man focuses on.  

10. Stupid Boy by Keith Urban 

This timeless country song by Keith Urban adventures into the theme of foolish behaviors acted out by men. The lyrics are probably some of my favorites when focusing on the issue of stupid men, as the lyrics have revealed that this man has realized he has done wrong and now is regretful.

There is nothing like a song about a man owning up to his stupid mistakes. The lyrics of this song genuinely reflect the consequences of overconfidence in a man and how men should be more self-aware. 

Another reason this song is such a good song is that this song encourages men to learn and grow from their mistakes. Other songs that fall in this realm of relationship often bash men, but not this one, which instead provides a solution and inspires male listeners to make the right changes, so they do not end up like the stupid boy in this song. 

9. It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy (feat. Ricardo Ducent)

Is Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me" one of the best songs about stupid men of the 2000s?

This song from 2000 is probably one of the best songs about stupid guys. The song features a guy opening up to his friend about cheating on his girlfriend and how she caught him having sex multiple times. The most insulting part is that the cheating boyfriend is singing about how he was cheating on his girlfriend and how she heard them having sex while claiming, “it wasn’t me.” This point of view made me think, “You have to be kidding!”  

However, this song stands out not because it is good but rather how ridiculous it is. If you were a teenager in the early 2000s, this era of pop music was some of the best in music history. This song is different; it does stir up some nostalgia; however, since I am no longer a young teenager listening to this song but an adult, I find this song to be very cringey. The lyrics to this song are on the offensive side, and the overall message is very toxic and a prime example of toxic masculinity. 

8. No Body, No Crime by Taylor Swift (Feat. HAIM)

Would you consider this a man hating song?  Take a listen to the song and judge for yourself.

This song exemplifies the theme of adultery and betrayal. The song focuses on how a woman named Este is cheated on by her husband and how she “disappears.” Exploring these themes reveals how the husband is utterly ignorant about women’s close relationships with people other than their husbands. 

Also, what makes this song so good is how Swift devilishly sings the lyrics to enhance the storytelling in the song. I must also mention that if a murder-mystery podcast episode were made into a song, it would be this one. This alone makes it one of Swift’s best songs up to date. 

Lastly, what makes this song stand out is how Swift emphasizes the power of female friendships and how sometimes men underestimate what women are capable of. 

7. Can’t Hold Us Down by Christina Aguilera (Feat. Lil’ Kim)

This song from 2002 is very much a woman empowerment jam; it is also about how ignorant men are when it comes to being a woman. It points out the toxic standards men have created for women and focuses on how they are double standards.

What I love about this song is that Aguliera challenges these oppressive and toxic standards by demanding respect and equality in her song. I also find this song extremely relevant, as men judge women based on their physical appearances or sexual preferences up to this day. 

Aguilera’s powerful vocals genuinely emphasize this song’s importance: men think it is okay to get a free pass for being sexually active. At the same time, they will call women with the same sexual appetite as “hoes” or “sluts.” Lastly, this song’s catchy beat helps emphasizes how men are completely ignorant about women and sex. 

6. I Want You Back by Jackson 5

I think it is time to focus on another song about a man being dumb and regretful. This classic from the Jackson 5 about a guy not realizing what he had till she was gone. What baffles me about this song is that he only wants his old flame back because he sees her with another guy. 

Despite being such a beloved song even today, I find this song somewhat toxic and celebrates toxic masculinity. And this is coming from someone who is a fan of 1960s love songs.

However, the guy’s perspective in this song is just rather ridiculous. I must be blunt and ask, “can men be this dumb about relationships?” or is it all ego-driven? This is a fine example of male stupidity in a song because the lyrics reveal that jealousy made the man realize that letting his ex-girlfriend walk away was an awful mistake. 

5. Working My Way Back To You by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

This song from 1965 may be seen as a song about remorse, but actually, it is about a man being dumb. The song focuses on pleading with his lover and emphasizing how he has made a terrible mistake by treating her so poorly. This may be true, but he is stupid for making these mistakes in the first place. 

However, I find this song nonetheless redeemable because of the topics it covers. The lyrics emphasize that man who mistreated his former lover is deeply determined to win her back by working on himself and proving himself to her. Also, what makes this song stand out is that the experience shared in this song can be relatable to many men. Men make stupid mistakes, however, through the power of accountability, there is a chance that a relationship can be mended with time.

Overall, this song may be about a man making stupid mistakes. However, it is a good song because it reveals that redemption is possible. 

4. What A Fool Believes by The Doobie Brothers

This 1979 banger is quite different from previous pieces on this list. This song, loved by so many music lovers, including other artists such as Kelly Clarkson, reveals how timeless this song is. This song is unique as it focuses on a man being ignorant and naïve about love versus the cliché of being stupid and making terrible mistakes regarding love. 

I love this song because it reveals how sometimes stupidity can lead us to be blinded by love. For instance, in this song, the man believes he will rekindle his romance with his former lover. However, she has moved on from him. This is a different perspective rarely highlighted in music, which is one of the many reasons why I appreciate this song. 

With the smooth vocals and lyrics focusing on a foolish take on love, this song is not only a memorable song but a song many can connect. Have we not all been blinded by love at least once? 

3. I Thought She Knew by *NSYNC

*NSYNC hit the nail with this song about stupid men. “I Thought She Knew” demonstrates that assuming leads only to heartache when dealing with the topic of love. 

Firstly, this song is beautiful, as *NSYNC approaches it in a cappella fashion, making it a unique breakup song for the 2000s boyband era. A great feature of this song is the lyrics; it shows the feelings of remorse for making a terrible mistake and yet somehow manages to express the passion and deep love for this girl. 

Despite this song being released in June 2000, it is a bittersweet song that many music lovers would identify with because communication issues are still relevant in many relationships. I appreciate the style approach to this song because almost every member has a solo, which shows different interpretations of the same story. Lastly, having various boyband members have solos emphasizes that any man can make stupid choices.

2. Beekeeper’s Daughter by The All-American Rejects

This pop-rock song from 2012 tackles a refreshing perspective of men and their foolishness. This song is about a man being a jerk to women and acting like he is the king of the world and a gift to women. This song may be about a man going around and breaking hearts because he can, but I can’t help but thoroughly enjoy this song.

The song’s catchy lyrics and Tyson Ritter’s charming vocals can make anyone listening to this song feel that he has a valid point for his arrogant ways. The song’s message wants you to hate the guy, but with the excellent guitar solo and catchy riffs, it is tough to dislike this song. 

This song is such a song for the dudes. This is not a love song, it is not a breakup song or a song about cheating. This song is about dudes being dumb and making terrible choices with women. And this is why this song is on this list; the music perfectly encompasses the “player” era many men go through—a period I find incredibly stupid and unnecessary.  If you’re looking for songs about stupid boyfriends, I think this one fits the bill quite.nicely.

1. Abraham, Martin, & John by Marvin Gaye

As the final song on this list, it is only appropriate that I select this song by Marvin Gaye. Admittedly, this song is a cover by Marvin Gaye, as it was originally recorded by Dion (from Dion and the Belmonts). 

Unlike the other songs on this list, this song is a tribute song to Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr, President John F. Kennedy, and his brother, Robert F. Kennedy. This song stands out amongst the rest on this list because this song is not about a president making poor choices or men making stupid decisions regarding their love life; this song focuses on what we missed out because hate devours some men so much that it leads them to make stupid and terrible choices. 

This powerful song focuses on the tragic losses of each man and highlights the “what ifs” if they were not assassinated. This makes the music relevant because these four men fought and stood up against hateful and racist groups to not only preserve any existing freedoms but expand on those freedoms for everyone despite the color of their skin. These issues of racism and equality are still being fought for today, making this song even more meaningful. 

You might be wondering, okay cool, but how does this choice fit into the overall umbrella category of songs about stupid men?  Well, I’d argue that those that gunned these men down were stupid (and that’s about the kindest way I can put it).  I would also say that strong historical figures are often brave enough to stand up against the hate that spews out of the mouths of stupid men.

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