13 Weirdest Songs Ever — Most Funny, Bizarre Songs Ever Made

Here Are Our Picks for the Weirdest Songs Ever Made

We’re all a little attracted to weird and bizarre things, and music is no different. So in this article, I’m going to list what I believe are the weirdest songs ever.  And, if you feel these songs leave you just as gobsmacked as they did me, well, feel free to add a couple of them to your music playlist!

Dragonball Durag by Thundercat

People need to understand how satisfying it is to have a stylish durag. Not only can you impress your friends and lovers, but you’ll be protecting your hair throughout. 

Dragonball Durag by Thundercat is a very strange song!

Thundercat, a talented musician and lover of anime, feels like he’s on top of the world with his Dragonball Z themed durag. Throughout this silly track, he’s seductively singing about how he’s feeling about his style and expressing to his lovers how much he adores them. Most of all, he’s consistently asking them how he looks in his durag.

I feel kinda fly standin’ next to you
Baby girl, how do I look in my durag?
Would you tell me the truth?
Stay with me and love me through the night, endlessly
I’ma keep on all my chains when I’m makin’ love to you

He doesn’t care if he’s covered in cat hair or if his lover doesn’t like his video games or comic books. All he cares about is if he looks attractive in his durag. Although he’s technically singing a love song, I can’t help but wonder if the song is for his lover…or himself.

Mr. Noah by Panda Bear

The first thing you hear in the intro of Panda Bear’s “Mr. Noah” is a strange, slightly distorted winding tone that phases in and out. This sound is followed by several howling dogs who seem to be distressed from loneliness. Then the rhythm and beat launches us into the chorus. 

Mr. Noah by Panda Bear is a weird song that features some unique sounds you'll love.

This dog got bit on a leg
He got a really big chip on a leg
Don’t want to get out of bed
Unless he feels like it’s justified

At first, we think Panda Bear is referring to an actual dog, but then it seems like he’s using the dog as a metaphor for a person who is either lazy or wounded. The questions that arise in our mind is eventually answered through the verses Panda Bear sings. 

Here comes the loaf again
Drip a lot, drop a lot
Become an oaf again
Trip a lot, trip a lot
So wide to the other side
Shuts an eye
But he stays like a stump inside
Hey, hey, hey

It’s clear that Panda Bear is singing about a person who has lost all motivation and uses their days to lounge around and perhaps even abuse substances. Though this person seems to have potential, they would rather remain like a “stump” and not facilitate their inner growth. 

This song sounded so bizarre to me, and I loved every peculiar second; moreover, once I listened to the lyrics, I realized the meaning accompanied with the strange sound told a story of someone who, similar to a wounded dog, faced discouragement and physical restraint on a daily basis due to their circumstances. This song encouraged me to stay motivated during some of the more stressful periods of my time in university. 

Go Home I Don’t Wanna Talk by Six Dior

This song trended on TikTok and other forms of social media. Traditionally used as the anthem for my fellow introverts, this sound clip has become the template for all sorts of “memeage” and “mememery.” Content creators all over the world have cashed in on repeating the lyrics:

Go home
I don’t wanna talk

Though the song is catchy and able to be a fully fledged song on its own, it’s actually an edit of Harry Style’s hit single, “As It Was.” 

Nonbinary by Arca

The sounds of electronic beating of hollow metal drums, gunshots with a rhythmic bouncing of the bullet’s shell on the floor, and Arca’s forthright and confident lyrics are only just a handful of components that make “Nonbinary” so great. 

What's weirder: Arca's "Nonbinary" song or the album cover?

Go ahead, speak for yourself
Cast the first stone
If you wanna be a puppet
Better yet—

Speak for your self-states
Speak for your self-states

Arca expands on what exactly she meant by “self-states”:

“…When I talk about a self-state as a system of personalities that each of us can have, that’s a very loaded term. It’s an idea of integration and inclusion; it’s not supposed to be scary.

You could just say ‘mood’—it’s a spectrum of moods we have. The mood I was in when I made this song is baffling to me, that part of me that has that much confidence. It’s a certainty I have access to in certain self-states.” –Arca via Apple Music

MOOO! by Doja Cat

“MOOO!” was hands-down my first favorite song by Doja Cat. I’m sure millions of people can agree with me, as this is the song that rocketed Doja Cat into fame merely days after she posted her silly and catchy bop. 

“B***h, I’m a cow, b***h, I’m a cow
I’m not a cat, I don’t say meow”

MOOO! by Doja Cat is a crazy song that put this artist on the map!

Inspired by her outfit that resembled a cow’s coat, Doja uses several forms of word play that makes this song even more memorable. She disintegrates the commonly accepted portrayal of women as cats in the entertainment industry by referring to herself as a cow and emphasizes the letter “o” – as if she’s mooing – to accentuate her aspirations. 

“I said, b***h, I’m too smooth, I’m not in the mood
Tryna make moves, tryna make moves
B***h, I’m too smooth, I’m not in the mood
Tryna make moves, tryna make moves”

We know Doja’s ambition has the weight of ten cows, and her steady rise in fame reflects her work ethic. However, what I enjoy most about Doja’s personality is that, despite the stress of her success, her sense of humor is forever alive and well. The last bit of wordplay I enjoy from her brings 90s kids and trolls of the 2010s together; a feat no mere mortal could have ever achieved. 

“I ain’t a moose, b***h, get out my hay
Get out my hay, b***h, get out my hay
Milkshake brings all the boys to the farm
And they’re like, it’s better than yours”

Still taking on the persona of a sassy, confident cow, Doja flippantly urges her haters to get out of her hay, i.e., get out of her way and stay out of her business. She also makes a reference to rapper Kelis’ most popular single, “Milkshake,” a song that is still widely referenced today, despite it being about twenty years old.

Jealous by Eyedress

Eyedress’s “Jealous” holds a megaphone to the everyday loner who feels simultaneously out of place and alone. In the first verse, he is immediately suspicious of the intentions of someone who has a crush on him. 

You could have anyone you want
Why would you want to be with me?
I’m nothing special

His suspicion could have arisen from his lack of self-esteem, or the fact that he’s successful and unlikely to meet someone who wants to cultivate a relationship that is not superficial. As the song progresses, we begin to understand just how jaded the singer, Idris, feels towards people in his life. 

Don’t tell me about your problems
If you’re not trying to solve them
Don’t ask me for my help

Fix it yourself
She tried to call me yesterday
But I didn’t pick up
‘Cause I don’t got time

I can empathize with Idris’s exhaustion; he seems to have learned from past experiences that if he offers the tiniest bit of support to someone unwilling to help themselves, they will likely take from him until he has nothing left. 

He’s done with that life and has become guarded in his day-to-day life. He wishes over and over to just be alone, as this level of equilibrium is all he desires. This shocking song is amazing because it’s the anthem of post-punk, grungy misfits, like myself, who sometimes use stoicism to cope with the absurdities of life. 

I Did A S*** On Your Mum by The Mighty Boosh

The Mighty Boosh provides you with one of the weirdest songs ever made!
The Mighty Boosh has provided us with no doubt one of the weirdest songs ever made!

The Mighty Boosh was a beloved British television series that reigned supreme during the early 2000s. I’ll never forget the allure of the show’s strangeness that pulled me in at the age of 14. 

The singer in that episode played the character of an intersex humanoid sea creature who was so desperate for love that he kidnapped a man and sang a funky song about love games. “I Did A S*** On Your Mum” is one of many incredibly odd tracks the musicians of the show created throughout the seasons.  

I did a s*** on your mum
I did a s*** on your mum
I did a s*** on your mum
And she rather liked it

The humor of this song takes a playful jab at post-punk artists who nonsensically sing about being deviants for the fun of it.  If you think the lyrics are strange, you’ll find it even more surprising when you watch the episode. The singer suddenly stops yelling about poo and begins to scat (the wordless, yet highly phonetic singing of improvised complex melodies often portrayed in jazz). 

No Pigeons by Sporty Thievz

It’s not too often where you see an artist (or group of artists) respond to a popular song they didn’t like with their own version of that song.  Well, unless we’re talking about artists trading hip hop diss tracks against one another.

No Pigeons by Sporty Thievz is their rebuttal to TLC's "No Scrubs!"

But that’s not what we have here.  Instead, we kind of have an R&B music beef between TLC and Sporty Thievz.  Back in 1999, TLC dropped “No Scrubs,” which served as a track to call out dudes that T-Boz, Chilli, and Left-Eye thought were “busters.”

On “No Scrubs,” the ladies were hating on dudes that had no money, threw out corny pick up lines, and lived at home with their mommas.  

Sporty Thievz caught wind of the song, like we all did, and let’s just say they were willing to respond in kind.  And that’s how we get “No Pigeons,” a song about all of the no-good women that guys need to steer clear of.

(Uh oh) Cause I don’t want no Pigeons
Them be them girls who gets no dubs from me
Playin’ the bar dumb broke wit her best friend’s coat
Tryin’ to holler at me

Out of Body by Gorillaz (feat. Kilo Kish, Zebra Katz)

“Out of Body” is an artistic depiction of the euphoria partygoers experience in the heat of the moment. This feeling could be triggered by mania, mob-mentality, substances, and even the influence of the music itself. 

The "Humanz" album by Gorillaz features the weird song "Out of Body."

The music is exciting, and the feeling is amazing, but it seems like the host of the party, Kilo Kish, may be leading the dancers into a cult-like séance. 

We’re here tonight for a very special offering
An offering of our spirits this evening in unison (unison)
But first a word of instruction

Kish jumps into a series of complicated directions for her dancers to follow. She encourages the patrons to leave their valuables at the door and join hands, stepping into the center of the circle as the ropes around them unveil themselves. 

I lock hands with yours
And then we dive down into the floor
Seven thousand miles ’til we reach the core
And then we circle back and we stomp some more, got it?
It’s just like that
You promise all your life, then you turn your back
You glide across the space, and diagonal past
Then you kick, and you jump, and you arch your back
You move your hips and your arms like a cat
Spin three times, and you’re back where you’re at
Does anybody catch what any of this is about?
No? Well, work it out

“Out of Body’s” overall message is accentuated by Kish’s odd stipulations that everyone seems to follow with no understanding of the meaning or purpose of their actions. This susceptibility to the power of authority figures highlights the state of societies with a hive-mind mentality that snuffs out critical thinking. 

But no matter how many interpretations us listeners may have for this song, Kish encourages us to find our own meaning, implying that we have free will, even if we think we don’t and act very much like the entranced party patrons. The phrase “out of body” refers to a lack of self-control that is often embraced by those who are afraid to take responsibility for their lives. 

Gorillaz is well-known for creating outlandish songs that subtly criticizes the suppression of human nature in capitalistic societies. Upon conclusion of “Out of Body”, Damon Albarn, the main singer of Gorillaz, affectionately known as 2-D, plays up his lack of self-awareness by singing:

Everybody says I’m busted and blue
I feel better when I don’t need that
Everybody gonna funk the night tonight
(It’s so big, big, big…)
Everybody says that I’m off
Feelin’ out of body, and drinkin’ it up
Can I tell you what the dream’s about tonight?

I love these lyrics because they’re incoherently mumbled by 2-D and ultimately left up to the interpretation of the listener. This means that whatever a person interprets reflects their state of mind or lived experiences. 

Since 2-D is known for suffering from the abuse of the bassist of Gorillas (Murdoc), it’s no surprise he’s numb to Murdoc’s treatment after so many decades. When people point out that he looks bruised, he brushes it off by dissociating himself from his reality and dreaming about his happy place. 

Announcement Service Public by Linkin Park

Throughout the decades of Linkin Park’s activity, they released several underground albums and EPs of non-mainstream music they knew their fans would still love. One of those songs in particular carries the unusual title, Announcement Service Public. 

The Underground 6 EP is exactly where you can find the odd song Announcement Service Public.

The melody is grim and ominous, with a tinge of sadness. We can’t quite understand what the late front-man, Chester Bennington, is screaming, as his words are indiscernible. At first, we think his words are distorted by electronic manipulation, but upon closer inspection, we realize that his screaming has actually been reversed

Curious fans reversed this underground track and posted their results on their fan website, Linkinpedia. The results were, to say the least, earth shaking and utterly shocking:

You should brush your teeth
And you should wash your hands

Classified – Say to You by DJ Q

UK artist DJ Q pays homage to technologic garage house with his quirky track, “Classified – Say to You.” While the music is on its own level of catchy strangeness that makes it impossible to not dance to, the music video is even more extraordinary. 

DJ Q is shown to be living in a typical nuclear family home that is blasting through space; he’s clearly bored and as he longingly gazes at a portrait of Will Smith with the words, “R.I.P. 1968-2056.”  He then makes the split decision to go read classified documents that contain rituals designed to increase one’s vibe. 

Using foods such as limes and gummy bears, DJ Q finds himself dancing in several other dimensions. He gains more and more raw power with these food sacrifices, thus shattering his sense of self and granting him the ability to spawn anything he wants such as wine and footlong sub sandwiches. 

Then the scene snaps back to reality to show a passed-out DJ Q with an ethernet cable up his nose and the words “USER ERROR” flashing on his box computer screen. 

“Classified – Say to You” is such a fun party track that can be played at any gathering to get the crowd dancing with glee. Just as DJ Q happily danced with inanimate objects in front of a green screen for hours, the sound is bound to bring you to a state of mind that is just as silly.

Polyamorous by Chris Flemming

Chris Flemming is well known for making entertaining content riddled with awkwardness, bad singing, and brilliant dancing. He calls out very specific groups of people with very specific traits. This song in particular refers to those polyamorous couples who just seem “off,” and he’s quite fed up with being targeted by them. 

I’m poly!
And when they tell you it’s with such glee
Like a dog dropping a rodent carcass at your feet
Like, this only benefits you and is menacing to me
And everyone else

It’s never who you want to be polyamorous who’s polyamorous
You’re never like, “oh sweet!”
You’re usually like, “could I get helicopter to take me to safety?”

I Think It’s Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too by Black Moth Super Rainbow

When I first heard this interestingly sweet song, I was lying down under a massive oak tree in my front yard in a sort of meditation. It was the beginning of spring and there were flowers, birds, bumble bees, and gentle sunlight everywhere.

I couldn’t help but feel a deep bittersweet sense of contentment from the music.  And then, I started to pay attention to the lyrics:

There are rainbows and earthworms
And microscopic hummingbirds

I don’t want to live through winter
I can’t stand to see everything ending

The singer seemed to be struggling with change and couldn’t bear the thought of adapting in order to live through winter. I speculated whether winter referred to either the cold season or a distant, inevitable depression that constantly haunted the singer. 

As I stared at the bumblebee drinking nectar from the puffy white clovers next to my head and looked up at the oak tree whose lush green leaves were nonexistent just a couple of months ago, I suddenly had the epiphany that the singer is perhaps a flower or a blade of grass experiencing its short existence. 

I’ll just stand on the meadow
I’ll be taken by sunbeams
So goodbye

I don’t spend a day hiking, floating down the river, or just anywhere in nature without this lovely song on my playlist. It helps me to appreciate the constant evolution of the world around me, and love the magical appearance, disappearance, and reappearance of the various lifeforms of flora and fauna who call the forest and rivers their home.


Well, that was an interesting journey, wasn’t it?  How do you feel after exploring some of the weirdest songs ever with me? If you feel enlightened, that’s great. If you feel a little uncomfortable, well, perhaps that’s even better! I’m sure it will bring these featured musicians so much joy to know their jobs were successfully accomplished. 

But, more than that, today we learned that even the oddest songs can carry a profound message that has the potential to change our lives for the better. 

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