15 Male Pop Singers You’ll Love – Young & Old School Singers

Discover Some of the Best Male Pop Singers

Pop music has gone through various stages over the decades and has certainly seen many stars come and go.  So while the list of memorable male pop singers is long, it’s also full of immense talent and beloved songs.  Without further ado, here are fifteen of our favorite pop singers, a list that contains a mix of current pop singers and old school music artists.

Best Male Pop Singers You Will Love

Let’s begin with Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a pop singer you will love. He has many notable songs that fans and listeners alike have continued to sing and enjoy throughout the years. Some of these songs include: “Stay”, “Despacito”, “Sorry”, “Love Yourself”, “I Don’t Care”, “10,000 Hours”, and “Baby”. 

Justin Bieber’s songs are great because they can be listened to in any mood. He has many songs that will get you dancing and in the perfect headspace before a party or just to jam in the car. In addition, he has some songs that really put you in your feels. Whether you are feeling sorry for how you treated a significant other, pain from missing someone you loved, he has a song for you! 

With six studio albums to date, Bieber has quite the musical career. He has had eight number-one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. His album Changes made him the youngest artist with seven albums to reach the top spot in the Billboard Hot 100. Bieber is also famous for his popular collaborations with other artists.

Justin Bieber paved new ground in the music industry through his discovery on YouTube. Through posting videos of him singing on YouTube, he was discovered. This changed the way that music stars realized they could be revealed. People realized that pop stars could be produced through YouTube and other social media outlets.

Phil Collins

I always know when Phil Collins songs come on due to their unique sound. I have yet to find another artist with a unique sound as Collins’ musical style. With his echoey voice and catchy drums, his songs will get you dancing and bopping your head immediately.

I have so many favorite Phil Collins songs, but some of them include “Against All Odds”, “Two Hearts”, “You Can’t Hurry Love”, and the Tarzan soundtrack. Each of his songs will leave you feeling ready to dance and sing.


Lauv is a newer pop singer but still just as memorable. He is known for “My Blue Thoughts”. This is a box he leaves at each concert for his fans to put on a paper about what they are thinking about. He likes to share them on social media to help brings his fans together.

Lauv is well known for his songs “I Like Me Better”, “Mean It”, and “Feelings”. “I Like Me Better” went platinum in six countries when it first came out. Lauv’s music is unique because it has a very nostalgic feeling. When you are in your feels and want to remember old times, his music is for you. It will leave you longing for times past.

Lauv definitely makes a historic mark on history with his vulnerability. His songs deal with anxiety, depression, longing, and nostalgia. His music is unique because it can really connect with his audience.

Chris Daughtry

Chris Daughtry is one of my go-to male pop artists when I am feeling nostalgic for past relationships. His energetic songs will get you screaming your heart out, feeling the pain of missing the old and what could have been.

He started out his career when he placed fourth on American Idol. His career includes some hits such as “Battleships”, “It’s Not Over”, “What About Now”, and “Waiting for Superman”. If you are a Nickelback fan, his sound is very similar.

Charlie Puth

Now if you’re looking for young male pop singers, Charlie Puth is your guy.  In addition to his incredible talent, he also has unrivaled piano skills. Not only does he make music, but he also loves to share how he does so and his creative process through TikTok videos.

Puth has had many smash singles and albums. Some of his popular songs include “Light Switch”, “Attention”, “How Long”, “One Call Away”, and “See You Again”. His most popular album has been Voicenotes. In this album, he really discusses his struggle with his rise to fame and the anxiety he experienced through that.

His songs are great if you need an upbeat heartbreak song. If you want to feel all of the pain of betrayal and hurt, his songs will get you into that mood. 

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is a historic pop star you will love. He first gained fame as, of course, a key member of The Beatles. His fame then grew threw his amazing songwriting as well. He was also known for his talent as a bass player and has gone down in history as the most successful musician and composer in pop history. 

Through his music, he changed the way music is made and stretched boundaries in pop music. If you need some songs that will make you feel nostalgic and happy, his songs are perfect.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is known for his flashy stage presence and music. He has unrivaled guitar and choreographed dancing skills, which he is famous for in his live performances and music videos.

He has many memorable songs and albums. Some of them include “Treasure”, “Grenade”, “24k Magic”, “Uptown Funk”, and “Just the Way You Are”. He has had seven number-one singles on the Billboard Top 100. 

When you need to get excited, happy, and pumped-up Bruno Mar’s upbeat music is for you. He also caters to those going through heartbreak. If you feel your heart has been torn apart and you need to feel that pain, his songs are for you as well.

Bruno Mars will also go down in history for his unique music style. He has been able to creatively blend multiple genres together. His style has bits and pieces of pop, doo-wop, soul, funk, reggae, and R&B.

If you’re not familiar with Bruno Mars’ music, I’d highly recommend you listen to “Finesse,” “When I Was Your Man,” and “Versace on the Floor.”

Tom Petty

If you want an artist that produces music to help you feel relaxed and just vibe, Tom Petty is the choice for you. He has been successful in his career and sold more than 80 million records. Some of his great songs include “Free Fallin’”, “Learning to Fly”, and “I Won’t Back Down”.

Alec Benjamin

When you are feeling depressed, alone, or or simply heartbroken, Alec Benjamin is the pop artist for you. He is yet another pop artist that debuted his first single on YouTube and learned how to play the guitar from YouTube tutorials.

He has made a mark on pop history through his storytelling. He includes confessions, stories, and personal experiences in each of his songs. They really connect with the listeners because they are based on real experiences.

Some of his songs include “Let Me Down Slowly”, “The Devil Doesn’t Bargain”, and “Water Fountain”. These are some songs to sit and cry to when you are feeling depressed.

Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé has a very iconic and recognizable voice. He worked on voice impressions when he was younger to create the voice he has today. His smooth, timeless-sounding voice makes him the perfect pop singer for all generations. Bublé’s pop songs add a hint of jazz in each of them.

Some of Bublé’s famous albums include Crazy LoveMichael Bublé, and Call Me Irresponsible. Some of his great songs include “Feeling Good”, “Home”, “Haven’t Met You Yet”, and “Everything”. When you are in love, his songs are for you.

Harry Styles

For those seeking current male pop singers that are coming into their own in the modern era, look no further than Harry Styles.  

Harry Styles first became popular through his participation in One Direction and participation on the X-Factor. Since then, he has also been well-known for his stage presence at concerts. He can be found on Instagram Reels and Tik Tok interacting with fans and making people laugh through his personable stage presence.

Styles has a variety of memorable songs and albums. Some of these include his album Harry’s House, and his songs “As it Was”, “Adore You”, “Sign of the Times”, “Watermelon Sugar”, and “Falling”. These are perfect for relaxing on a summer day. If you just want a song to put you in a relaxed, good mood, his songs are just the ones for you.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is known as the King of Pop. So of course, he makes this list. He was well known for his big entrances and moonwalk. In addition, he changed the future of the pop music genre. Some of his most memorable albums are Bad and Thriller. Some of his songs are “Thriller,” “Billie Jean”, “Man in the Mirror”, and “Beat It”. When you are in the mood to dance, work out, or move, Michael Jackson’s songs are perfect!

Jackson started out his career in a family group called, of course, The Jackson 5. From there, he started his solo career at the age of 13. Michael Jackson forever changed the way that music is produced and promoted. He also will forever be the King of Pop. Finally, he changed the music world for African American artists.


Khalid is a young pop artist with a warm, friendly feel to his music. Thus, his songs are great to just vibe with friends. His songs blend hip hop and R&B, as well as indie music styles with pop. 

Some of his memorable albums include American Teen and Scenic Drive. Some of his great songs include “Love Lies”, “Young, Dumb, Broke”, “Better”, and “Location”.

Bryan Adams

I love Bryan Adams specifically for his raspy voice. No singer is quite able to emulate his voice. Bryan started singing at age 15 and taught himself how to play the guitar. 

All of his songs are great if you need something to rock out to and scream in the car by yourself or with your friends. Some of his best songs include “Summer of ‘69”, “Everything I Do, I Do it for You”, and “Straight from the Heart”. “Summer of ‘69” is the perfect song to rock out to in your car in the heat of the summer.

You may also recognize Bryan Adams if you were a horse lover when you were younger. The soundtrack of Spirit was sung by him.

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias’ music is memorable for how unique it is. He combines the sounds of romantic ballads, Latin dance rhythms, and American pop in his music. Some of his best songs include “Escape”, “Hero”, and “Bailamos”. His songs have a unique moody-in-love feel and leave you ready to dance.

Enrique Iglesias has left a mark on pop by moving pop music to a more fluid pace, tearing down language barriers, and combining different styles of music with pop. He will forever go down in history as the King of Latin Pop.


There are so many powerful male pop singers that have left an impact on music.  Though these artists have made lots of popular music, their individual talents is what has given them such staying power all of these years later.

This article was written by Bailey and edited by Michael.

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