K-Pop Boy Groups with 7 Members That You Will Love

We love these K-Pop boy groups with seven members--and we think you will too!

K-pop boy groups with 7 members are virtually the icons in the industry. With K-pop being a booming business these days—both in Korea and globally—here are my personal picks for the best K-pop male groups working today.

K-Pop Boy Groups with 7 Members

Let’s begin by talking about a group called Block B.

Block B

Home to K-pop’s superstar hip-hop artist Zico, Block B is a group with seven members that infuses hip-hop and rap into every song they make. Their flows are crazy good, filled with lyrics that have tons of substance to them.

You can hear Block B’s signature feel through their songs Shall We Dance, Nillili Mambo, and NanlinA. There’s power behind every single verse and beat, emphasizing how dedicated each of the members are to the craft of music. Although much of the K-pop industry focuses on easy-to-consume pop hits with idols that lack interest in actual music production, Block B takes a huge detour from that. The members Zico, Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Kyung, and P.O. care deeply about their music and you can hear that.

If you are interested in something contrasting to their typically powerful music, definitely check out their song Walkin’ In the Rain. This song is my personal favorite from the group. This R&B b-side on Block B’s 2016 release Blooming Period is a sweet song that can accompany you on any type of day, rain or shine. There are beautiful vocals from the members that you’ll enjoy alongside their other hits.

Don’t be shy, check out Block B today! There’s plenty to hear from them.


Enhypen has risen into the K-pop scene with their music. Ironically, their title tracks are never the most popular tracks on their albums: it’s the b-sides. 

Some of their b-sides that have gone viral are Polaroid Love, Fever, and Drunk-Dazed. Polaroid Love is a viral TikTok hit that’s an easygoing, candy-coated ode to old-school romance. Its cuteness contrasts Enhypen’s Fever which brings in the heat with breathy vocals and heavy beats. Then, Drunk-Dazed takes on a whole other form from these other viral hits as a drunk stupor filled with crazy EDM beats and synths. Drunk-Dazed has become my favorite song from the group with its loud sounds, drowning out any thoughts to hone you in on the music.

There’s a reason Enhypen goes viral! Join in on their tasteful music today.


One of the most unique K-pop groups conceptually, Kingdom comprises seven members where each representing a different king from history. For the representations, Arthur represents King Arthur of Britain, Chiwoo represents King Chiyou of China, Ivan the Terrible of Russia, Dann represents King Dan of Denmark, Louis represents King Louis XIV of France, Mujin represents Emperor Jinmu of Japan, and Jahan represents Shah Jahan of India. Each album released tells the story of a different kingdom.

This unique concept gives way to a complex storyline told through the group’s music. Following their kingly concept, each of Kingdom’s songs is infused with power and orchestral grandness. Long Live the King, Ascension, Excalibur, and Karma are all title tracks encompassing this grandness. The group blends orchestra with EDM, developing stellar sounds uncommonly found elsewhere.

With powerful horn instruments and a holy choir, Kingdom’s Black Crown has to be my favorite song from the group though. Its organ and strings create such a desperate, yet focused sound that makes you want to climb a mountain. This song feels like the journey up the treacherous cliff, going through sleet and snow until you reach the song’s apex and breach the summit.

Find something empowering with Kingdom. They rule the world!


VeriVery are very cool! These guys make EDM music that’ll have you wanting slicked-back hair and a motorcycle.

Lay Back, Undercover, and Get Away will have you engaged from every dripping chorus and bouncy beat drop. Lay Back’s music production has tons of snaps and a consistent backbeat that keeps everything grounded. Then, Undercover borrows trap elements and incorporates lighter-tone verses to create fleeting sounds that make you want to climb higher. Finally, Get Away uses restrained vocals to build and release power in the music, creating a beat that sticks with you.

But VeriVery doesn’t only create some of the best EDM songs, they also make memorable K-drama OSTs. My favorite song from them is titled With Us from the 2020 K-drama Itaewon Class. This song keeps VeriVery’s powerful vocals, but instead takes on an emotional ballad that clings to listeners’ ears.

Whether you need hard-hitting EDM or lovely ballads, VeriVery has it all for you!


GOT7’s got your back! This group has both fun and mature songs for you to enjoy. They got everything!

Need a bright and silly love song? Just Right is there for everyone with wacky music production and a simple choreography for all to perform. Need something dark and strong? Not By the Moon is a beautiful song with EDM elements where the members show off their powerful vocal abilities. Need to feel like the coolest person on the block? Turn up Hard Carry with intense beat drops that’ll make you jump out of your seat.

Or, if you need something beat-heavy and calm check out my favorite song from the group titled You Calling My Name. The song’s satisfying beats hit together consecutively as the members sing, creating the perfect rhythm. The members also dance uniquely to the music as each poses to create the hands and numbers of a clock.

You’ll fall in love with the unique vocal colors of GOT7’s members and their diverse discography once you start listening. Start today!


DRIPPIN are dripping in talent! This seven-member group makes bouncy EDM music with house and trance elements that’ll have you vibing through your entire day.

Their song Young Blood has deep house beats that resonate through your entire body. Its bass is so deep that even with normal headphones, you can hear it all. This deep trend continues throughout more of their songs like Villain and Zero whose bass is ultra-satisfying. 

But if you need something less intense and more dreamy, look no further than DRIPPIN’s song Fate! This cute synthpop bop will leave you feeling light on your feet as its hopeful beats soar through your heart. Another song like this one from DRIPPIN’s discography and my favorite song of theirs is Colors. Its dreamy nature takes me away from the worries of the day, leaving me floating along with the beautiful music production.

Whether you need something that’ll pump you up or wind things down, DRIPPIN’s got you in all categories.


SuperM is quite the supergroup! Composed of the most popular idols from SM Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment company specializing in K-pop, this group features SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Baekhyun and Kai, NCT 127’s Taeyong and Mark, and WayV’s Ten and Lucas. 

Dubbed the “Avengers of K-pop,” SuperM have earned that title well through their music and performances. Their song Jopping started it all, a clever combination of the words “jumping” and “hopping” to form something cool and new. SuperM takes the experimental music that SM Entertainment groups are known for and takes it to 100 (literally, they have a song titled 100). With unconventional beats, drips, and synths that you’ve definitely never heard before, SuperM creates an entire discography of music that’ll awe you.

Some songs that you need to listen to to get a grasp of this experimental goodness are Tiger Inside, I Can’t Stand the Rain, and Super Car. These songs will wow you in ways never done before. If you don’t enjoy the experimental music though, I’d suggest checking out some of my favorite songs from the group like With You. This song’s sentimental lyrics and tender pop music show off a different side of SuperM that can be appreciated as much as their experimental side.

Have lots of fun with SuperM’s music! They’re not called the “Avengers of K-pop” for nothing!


Welcome VAV to the list! This K-pop group fills in a unique niche within the industry, appealing to fans from Hispanic countries with their songs incorporating Spanish into the lyrics.

Their song Senorita is a blend of Korean and Spanish that will blow your mind. K-pop does not commonly market itself to the Spanish-speaking market, instead choosing to market to Japan, China, or America because K-pop already holds a footing in those countries. Yet, VAV has found success with their music showing that there’s an untapped market there. 

The members have even collaborated with De La Ghetto and Play-N-Skillz for their song Give me more (Un Poco Mas). This song takes elements from Latin music with a guitar and specific beat, celebrating the culture within the music. I love this song so much for being plain fun. Give me more, despite its title, does not ask much of listeners except to listen and enjoy the music. I love that!

You’ll adore VAV’s unique place in the K-pop industry. Listen to them now!


Romeo o’ Romeo! Where are you? It’s a shame that this group never got the recognition they deserved. Romeo makes all the songs you’d expect a group of that name to make. Their specialty is cheesy love songs and boy do I love them!

Pop goodness lives here! There are so many Romeo songs to choose from to fawn over, but let’s narrow it down to some of their hits Without U, Lovesick, and Miro. These songs use a good mix of swing and bubblegum pop to sing about pretty girls and crushing hard on them. Everyone needs some unapologetically cute music to listen to and Romeo is where you find it.

Personally, Without U is my favorite of these cute love songs to listen to. The members infuse each verse with so much fun and innocent adoration that I can’t help but sing along. And you won’t be able to resist singing along too once you start listening to their music! Don’t wait, try them out!


The inarguable #1 group in all of K-pop, BTS has set record after record with their globally renowned music like Butter and Dynamite. However, this group is more than their popular works. Instead of delving into their popular works, which is a fun ride in itself, I’d like to give a broader perspective on BTS’s discography as a whole.

Releasing in 2019 on their Map of the Soul: Persona mini-album, Home became an instant fan-favorite for its fun hip-hop beats and bouncy tunes. This song can be for a party of over 1,000 people or even just for a party of one. You’ll feel rich listening to this song!

Or if you’re looking for something more jazzy and moody, try out BTS’s song about the planet Pluto titled 134340. With a flute and bass, this song wraps you up in the loneliness of the furthest dwarf planet from the Sun. There’s something methodical, yet calm and repetitive about the music that’ll have you looped into the song’s tunes.

But, if you need something that’ll have your heart soaring with energy, you need to check out BTS’s On! This triumphant song with an entire band chorus of drums, trumpets, and crowd vocals will get you pumped up to take on any challenge. On also has one of BTS’s most complex and high-energy choreographies that I’d dare anyone to take on the challenge of learning!

With BTS’s discography consisting of over 600 songs, there’s so much to explore! I can’t even choose a favorite song yet and I’ve listened to all of them. You’re sure to find something in there that you will love when you listen with an open mind.  Without a doubt, if you’re looking for one of the best K-pop male groups with 7 members, you’ve definitely found them with BTS.

Blast That K-Pop, Baby

Did these K-pop boy groups with seven members wow you? They’re overflowing with talent and skills in performance, singing, and dancing that can amaze audiences everywhere. Add some of them to your playlists today!

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