K-Pop Male Groups with 5 Members That Are Awesome

Here Are 10 K-Pop Male Groups with 5 Members That We Love

Throughout the K-pop industry, K-pop male groups with 5 members have release some of the most profound and distinctive music out there. These groups create deep, meaningful lyrics that touch the hearts of listeners worldwide.  So without further ado, here are ten of our favorite bands rocking five members.

K Pop Male Groups with 5 Members

Let’s begin with CIX.


This group’s name sounds like the number six, but make no mistake, CIX does indeed have five members. CIX particularly stands out as a group because of their music. Their songs constantly take trends in K-pop and turn them on their head, creating innovative music that fits, yet clashes with the industry at large.

The most prominent examples of this fitting, yet differing music are CIX’s songs Jungle and Cinema. Released in 2020, Jungle fit right in with the many grungy, dark music released at the time. K-pop industry fans were craving sultry, sensual music. Jungle was both of those things, but also so much more. Their music was slow and methodical, contrasting with the strong EDM and noise music trends at the time. The same happened with Cinema which fit into the late 2020 and early 2021 trend of retro music. Cinema is a calm breeze of fresh air amidst flashy pop songs following the trend to a tee.

Cinema was a late addition to K-pop’s retro trend, but I love it more than any of the other songs from that time. As my favorite song from CIX, I find that Cinema displays CIX’s advanced vocal layering perfectly for new listeners. Not a single member sings by himself in the song. There is constantly a melody or background vocal sung by another member behind the main vocals. These layers of voices create an engaging experience that I cannot get enough of. There is so much to experience through CIX’s music.

Come along and experience their music too! You won’t be disappointed in this group!

Teen Top

Teen Top is a classic early 2010s K-pop group with songs that will instantly give you nostalgia. Tons of trance, party EDM, and hip hop make up Teen Top’s discography.

There are dozens of highlights of Teen Top’s discography, but none shine as bright as Miss Right. The song Miss Right is actually pretty funny when you watch the music video. The members C.A.P, Chunji, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo fawn over a cute girl, then get stuck in a prison cell and have to break out. Yet, the music video ends with a feather-filled pillow fight that perfectly represents the wacky nature of music videos in the early 2010s. After all, many of them are inspired by the viral 2012 song Gangnam Style by PSY which had tons of gags and fun moments.

Teen Top are more than their wacky beginnings though. The group has grown and matured over the years, keeping hip-hop beats throughout their music with dedicated rap verses by member C.A.P like in the song Pancake. This song immediately captured my attention and soon became my favorite from the group. Many K-pop groups these days have moved away from the American-inspired rap styles that older K-pop groups still have ingrained in them. Teen Top, existing amongst a sea of new groups, stands out for their grounded vocal styles that I adore.

And you will adore those vocal styles too once you give them a listen. Whether you’re looking for 2010s hits for a throwback party or soft songs to listen to during your day, you will find it all with Teen Top!


NU’EST disbanded in 2020, but the group consisting of JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren has a musical legacy that endures. The group made music for 10 years together, first releasing catchy synth dance songs and then transitioning into a variety of genres and styles.

Their introduction to the industry with the single Face in 2012 hits hard with pump-up dance beats and an addicting chorus that will have you jumping out of your seat. NU’EST continued this sort of music well into the early 2010s with their release Sleep Talking, but also showed a variety of vocal abilities with R&B songs like Hello and Good Bye Bye

My favorite song from them was released in 2021 though. The group’s skills have matured over the years and their music has been along with them. Their 2021 song Inside Out has soft vocals overlaying a house beat. The members take their vocal abilities honed throughout their time singing breathy R&B songs to add flair to their performances of newer music. Those vocals go well with the song that relays a story of facing the end of a relationship nonchalantly before realising that there’s more to how you feel. Looking through the group’s discography, you can hear their growth and evolution clearly.

So come along on this journey and listen to their songs. From the old to the new, there’s something for everyone when it comes to NU’EST!


Need some music that’ll have your heart pounding? Turn on A.C.E! These five members will grace your musical palette, making you feel like the coolest person on the block.

Their most popular songs are some of my favorite ones. Hey, these songs are popular for a reason! Savage and Under Cover don’t shy away from beat drops and dynamic music production. The song Savage is the epitome of energy, bursting at the seams with beats and shouts. Then, Under Cover has more punk and rock elements with drums and electric guitars that I can’t get enough of. 

If you’re looking for some upbeat music, A.C.E. is the place to be! Check them out now!


Pause on the pop songs. Let’s bring in some rock! ONEWE is a band within the industry making music that will feel both nostalgic and fresh.

Their song End of Spring infuses their typical rock song with country flair and an EDM beat that will have you dancing the night away. This is why End of Spring is my favorite song from them. ONEWE does this type of genre clashing in their other songs too such as Rain to Be, which combines Spanish-inspired flamenco strum with desperate lyrics about the rain. There’s always something different with ONEWE.

Need fresh tunes for your playlists? ONEWE is the group to look for!


Standing for Groove Over Dose, g.o.d became one of the most popular male K-pop groups of the early 2000s after debuting in 1999. They gained this popularity through their intricate lyrics, and seamless blending of R&B and rap together. 

Every fan’s relationship with g.o.d and their music is extremely personal. Although I could delve into only their popular songs, I’d much rather give you insight into how their music affects listeners like me. Their song Road released in 2001 depicts the difficulties of choosing a life path. Meanwhile, the song To Mother is about a single mother trying to provide for her children and enduring economic hardship. Both songs capture emotion distinctly and I often can’t listen to them without suddenly becoming somber. 

g.o.d has plenty of tough rap and hip-hop that will make you feel like the coolest person in a room, but their R&B songs are where they shine. If you are looking for lyrical genius that will touch your heart, you are in the right place.


The pioneers of the horror concept in K-pop have arrived! VIXX, a five-member group made up of members N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, and Hyuk, was one of the biggest K-pop names in the 2010s.

Their experience with horror concepts started with their masterpiece Voodoo Doll. A gorey and bloody music video accompanied the striking song, shocking viewers around the world. This shock did not deter people from enjoying the song though, pushing VIXX to earn their first-ever Korean music show award. This award is a big milestone for K-pop artists as it takes a combination of fan votes, music streams, and sales to determine the winners. 

However, VIXX is not only about horror and darkness. My favorite song from them is actually EDM-based. This song is Shangri-La, which references a utopian Himalayan valley created in the 1993 novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton. This song transports you to that utopia with a “future bass track [that] incorporates traditional strings and features a fan dance.” 

You will want to be transported into VIXX’s musical world once you get a taste of their music. Enjoy the tunes!


H.O.T is the K-pop group blueprint in the industry, becoming what is considered the first K-pop boy band. They also pioneered K-pop’s success in Asia with their pop hits.

Some of those hits are Candy and Full of Happiness. These songs are full of zany and wacky 2000s energy. Each song also has simple choreography that fans can replicate and enjoy on their own. Although today their music might sound silly or over-the-top, H.O.T was quite the hot act of their time. Every single one of their performance videos has hundreds of fans screaming the names of the members Moon Hee-joon, Jang Woo-hyuk, Tony An, Kangta, and Lee Jae-won. 

I actually love these cheesy pop hits where the members do hand hearts and smile brightly to the camera. The members and audience create an uncontainable joy together. Even though you are not physically present at the performance stages, you can feel the excitement throughout your whole body.

And you’ll feel like joining in with those fans once you’re hit with the jubilant joy radiating off the members in their music. Give them a chance!


Turn on your streaming site, you need to hear Imfact! This group is not as popular as the others in this list and don’t have the years-long legacy like many of them either. In fact, the group is now disbanded as of 2022. Yet, there is something special within the music the members Jian, Jeup, Taeho, Sang, and Ungjae created together.

Imfact has a strong grasp on trance music that runs throughout their entire discography. Their most popular song NANANA captures this poignantly with a prominent “na na na na” during the beat drop that grounds the entire song. These simple choruses on top of beat drops are also present in their song Lie with “lie lie lie” and Only U with “Only you.” Imfact knows what worked for them and kept to it, making music that hits right every time. 

If you need a music group that’s consistent with their music and has dozens of songs that will continue to make you feel the same rush of excitement, Imfact is here for you!


TXT is one of the hottest K-pop male groups with 5 members at the moment! The members Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai chart high and sell well as a group. There’s an excellent reason for that too.

For TXT, they have dozens of popular songs from their debut hit Crown, fan-favorite pop rock anthem Run Away, and 0X1=Lovesong (Know I Love You) which has become a part of the punk rock Renaissance in music recently. Yet no song of TXT’s shines as bright as their beloved Blue Hour. A cute, bubbly pop song, Blue Hour is absolute magic with a dash of wonder. The music is not the only amazing thing about the song though. In an interview with Elle Magazine, member Beomgyu reveals the song’s message that “even though we may feel solitude [during the pandemic], we will continue to hope we still feel the same way as one another.” How heartfelt! 

Along with such a cute and colorful song, my favorite song from TXT sits right next to Blue Hour. Titled Wishlist, this song is the epitome of coming of age. A wistful punk-rock song, Wishlist yells out “Give me your wishlist!” without holding back. It’s a song that encapsulates the difficulty in finding the best gift for the special people in your life. Although that may seem like a niche song meaning, it resonates deeply with me as someone who spends days shopping for birthday gifts. 

If you’re looking for K Pop male bands with 5 members that are absolutely on fire at the moment, TXT fits the bill, as they’re a group that excels in all genres and styles! You’re sure to find something special with them!


Those were the coolest K-pop male groups with 5 members out there! With their distinctive styles and deep music, these groups make K-pop what it is. Their impact and musical influence cannot be ignored. Did you find one that resonated with you? If you did, you’ve likely become a lifelong fan!

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