K-Pop Male Groups with 4 Members That Are Amazing

Discover the Best K-Pop Male Groups with 4 Members!

This list of K-pop male groups with 4 members is a bit unconventional, spanning bands that encompass a variety of genres and levels of popularity.  K-Pop is becoming far more popular globally, so without further ado, here are our top picks for the best male groups rocking just four members.

Best K-Pop Male Groups with 4 Members

Let’s begin with a group called Winner.


Everyone wants to be a winner—and you definitely get that when you listen to Winner! This group was the face of the tropical house genre in K-pop, defining the trend in 2017. 

Their song Really Really instantly climbed to number one in the South Korean charts after the unfortunate departure of their main vocalist Nam. Nam left the group because of mental health issues. However, this departure did not set back the group. Instead, they rose beyond it to prove themselves. After this initial hit, Winner claimed success within the EDM genre with the songs Everyday and Hold.

Their 2019 song Ah Yeah has got to be my favorite out of their EDM masterpieces. Ah Yeah’s crowd chorus and cheery raps make me feel free. You get a similar feeling to the expressions “shooting hoops” and “going swimmingly” with something so casual and yet intimate. You can dance to this song or laze around and enjoy it as it is.

Listen to Winner to stay in the winning zone!


2am is one of K-pop’s resident ballad groups and has been going strong since their reunification in 2021. The group made its debut in 2008, then took a hiatus in 2014 because of mandatory enlistment service in South Korea. During this time, fans waited patiently for them to come back together.

And when they returned, it caused thousands of people’s hearts to flutter with five new emotional and vocally powerful songs titled Should’ve known, No good in good-bye, I can’t, Always Me, and Propose. These songs encompass who 2am are as K-pop’s resident ballad group. 2am also makes a strong statement that despite years having passed since their debut, they are still holding strong. Aging does not mean their love for music has left them.

I feel that love for music in my favorite song from them Though You’re Gone, which combines blissful vocals with an entrancing electric guitar. You think the two would clash together, but instead, they combine into a harmonious experience that you can’t get with many other songs. My mind feels so calm whenever I listen to this song and it resonates with me every time it plays on my playlists.

This group will keep you company even in the dead of night at 2am. I hope you can listen to them and find something pleasing to the ear as I did.

The Rose

K-rock as a sub-genre in the K-pop industry has gained popularity rapidly over the past five years. The Rose is at the forefront of this rise, putting out heart-wrenching, yet blissfully beautiful songs that have captured the love of listeners around the globe. 

The mix between each of the members’ specialties is what makes their music truly special. The band’s main vocalist Woosung brings the sweetest voice into every song. Dojoon plays the keyboard and acoustic guitar for the band, crafting musical performances that charm you to listen longer. Then, Hajoon becomes the heart of the band with solid and sturdy drums. Finally, Jaehyeong’s bass leaves a strong, resonating sound with listeners that many find memorable.

It’s difficult to choose only one favorite song from The Rose because they mean so much to me. Their music touches my heart, inviting me to break away from the limits and pressures of regular life and dream for the briefest moment. I love Red for its bursts of energy and life. I am thankful to BABY for helping me romanticize every part of my life. I love California for reminding me of warm, summer days when I dared to dream in ways I never had before. I adore every song by The Rose.

That’s why I do not hesitate when I tell you that you will not regret listening to The Rose. Everyone needs to feel alive in a way they never have before and you sure will with this group.


IZ is striking. They are a K-rock group within the industry that never got the mainstream attention they deserve. There’s a sense of looseness and raw energy in their songs that I can’t find anywhere else. 

I find myself often thinking of their music and craving to hear it more. How unfortunate for me that the group rarely releases music. The music they have released is full of the members’ hearts and souls. You can feel them cry out “Listen to my voice!” The members want people to hear their music as clearly as they can. From songs for a moody evening like Road to the Sun and The Day to songs that get your blood pumping and heart racing like EDEN and A VACATION TO ME, IZ captures music with a rare sincerity for the industry.

My favorite song Final Kiss from IZ combines that moody evening with a sudden burst of energy. The song makes me desperate for a break from the constant barrage of music, but that barrage feels so right when you are in the middle of it. With electric guitar solos and finality in the lyrics “Final kiss!” from the members, this song pumps you up while constantly keeping you down. It’s a sense of controlled excitement where instead of going mad with glee, you can sit down and fully enjoy something without worries. You can find me playing an air guitar in my bedroom whenever this song comes on.

And you’ll be playing an air guitar everywhere you turn once you start listening to IZ’s songs! They are a once-in-a-lifetime type of act.


Reach the sky with HIGH4! This group’s R&B songs have struck a unique chord with listeners that keep coming back to them despite the group having disbanded back in 2017. Even though the band is no longer together and the members are mostly doing their own thing, their music has become timeless.

Their most timeless song is their sweet 2014 springtime hit Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms. Every year, this collaboration with one of South Korea’s most renowned vocalists, IU, still tops the charts. There’s an enduring sense of peace combined with nostalgia that only this song can invoke. Everything from the background vocals to music production to rap verses is gentle, guiding you along on a walk through endless cherry blossom trees. This song will make you want to romanticize every part of your life.

Whenever I listen to my favorite song from HIGH4, I certainly romanticize my life. Along with Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms, I have become beyond fond of the quartet’s song Say Yes. The song is groovy, yet just right for a lazy day inside. I can’t help but say yes to listening to this song over and over again. It gives so much joy and relaxation to listeners and then demands nothing in return from you.

You only have to listen to HIGH4 to hear how special of a group they are. It will be worth your time.

Big Bang

Move over! One of the biggest names in all of K-pop is coming your way! You might know Big Bang from their many songs trending on TikTok right now. However, they have been setting records and making a name for themselves well before TikTok was even a thing. As K-pop’s most popular male group from the second generation of K-pop, Big Bang encompasses style, swagger, and signature cool in a way no one has been able to replicate since. They remain one of the best-selling male groups in all of South Korea to this day with multiple awards and honors under their belt.

Their most popular songs BANG BANG BANG and FXXK IT are bold and loud. Big Bang did not mess around when releasing these songs, seeking to make a statement. The members G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Daesung are unapologetic about who they are, seeking to make music that matters to them. They certainly have an enduring legacy as their songs constantly appear on South Korean music charts. 

I do not care much about an artist’s most popular songs though. The songs that lack press and popularity resonate the most with me because they hold messages that the public does not often find consumable. That is why Loser by Big Bang has become my favorite song from them. Loser is not a hip-hop hit or stuffed full of rap verses that punch you in the gut with their power.

Loser is slow, contemplative, and at times keeps you stuck in a trance with a consistent beat. You could sink deep into the verses that wrap around you like a comfortable blanket. The song is right for those late nights when the whole world needs to melt away for you.

If you’re looking for one of the best K-pop male groups out there, you’ve definitely found it in Big Bang.


Need some romance in your life? Try out VROMANCE and their gem of a discography! VROMANCE is a lesser-known group, but that doesn’t stop them from releasing touching and lovable hits.

The group mainly releases OSTs and singles, making a name for themselves with romantic love songs playing during some of the most memorable scenes of K-dramas across the industry. Their most popular OST was for the renowned and forever meme-able drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon titled I Fall in Love. This feather-soft song has a gentle guitar and plenty of chimes for the magical feel of a romance K-drama. VROMANCE mastered this type of music.

However, I am more partial to VROMANCE’s groovy and chill songs. I consider The Jobless to be my favorite among them. The song has amusing trumpets and playful jazz motifs that can accompany you on days you feel hopeless. VROMANCE is a group guaranteed to have something funky to describe those in-between moments during life.


Take a break from your busy days with Bz-Boys. This four-member group makes EDM songs that are rhythmic and consistent, accompanying you on peaceful mid-day walks.

Bz-Boys’ most popular songs are Close your eyes and Yessir. These songs have tropical house inspired beats, pulling listeners into a trance. With the way the beats hit every time, you could listen to their songs for hours. The beats of the music match up with your heartbeat, steady and calm during day-to-day life. 

My favorite song from Bz-Boys diverges from this tropical house they are known for though. I adore their calmer 2022 release Find You. In this release, the group explores house elements instead, and Find You ends up fitting right in with the rest of their discography. Instead of intense music production with hard-hitting songs and tons of energy, Find You is soft and emotional. I feel the desperation of the members in trying to “find” the character they are calling out to. 

If you are looking to expand your EDM love, give Bz-Boys a chance. You never know which one of their songs will resonate with you until you try.


Do not let the 6 in Day6’s name fool you. This is a four-member group. Composed of Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon, Day6 have made a name for themselves as South Korea’s most popular K-rock band. Their music has defined a huge group of young people within the country.

Their most defining song has to be You Were Beautiful. This 2017 release is dubbed “the nation’s breakup song” for its heart-wrenching and emotional lyrics. If you’re not over your ex, you might be longing for them even more after listening to this song. An electric guitar layered with a soft drum beat creates a song that leaves you in a state of limbo. 

Day6’s influence has spread beyond South Korea too, with the members well-aware of their contributions to listeners around the world. Member Young K poignantly says in an interview with New Music Express that “We sing in Korean, but whenever we listen to songs in different languages, there’s still feeling in it, there’s still emotions that we can feel.” Their music moves beyond their language to relate to and comfort people in awe-inspiring ways. 

Their music also moves me with my favorite song from them being Love Me or Leave Me. This song captures the push and pull of relationships, but also feels so punk rock that it brings in a strong feeling of nostalgia. Although I did not fully experience the punk rock era of the early 2010s, that sound transports me to a time I long for when things seemed simpler. As I listen to the power of the drums and desperate lyrics, I am moved to feel something beyond my own experiences.

If you are seeking to be moved or just need some new tunes, Day6 has your back.


Let’s end off strong with one of the best-known 4 member male K-pop groups out there. SHINee is beyond iconic and no argument can be made against that. Their choruses are unique and cannot be rivaled by anyone else.

With their songs Replay and View, SHINee has created songs that have been played on repeat in South Korea for the past 14 years. Replay is a calm and soothing love song with simple lyrics and dance moves that anyone can enjoy. Meanwhile, View is a 2017 summer hit that is still played around the country throughout the season.  And they are still releasing hits like their experimental, yet engaging release Don’t Call Me in 2019!

Beyond their popular songs though, their song I Really Want You has become my favorite. I put this song on with fun trumpets and a celebratory flare whenever I need a mood boost. There is also something satisfying in the steady handclaps throughout the song. With lyrics and energy that keep me moving forward, every beat keeps me moving forward throughout my day as well.

SHINee makes everyone feel like they can shine with their music! Join in on it!


What a list! In only 10 groups, we can see the vast expanse of the K-pop industry with K-pop male groups with 4 members encompassing multiple genres and styles. You’ve seen how K-rock bands have made a space for themselves in the industry, new bands are finding room, and how older groups like SHINee have created an enduring legacy. No matter your taste in music, you’re sure to find something endearing in this list!

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