Why Have Vinyl Records Made Such a Comeback?

Hey guys, it’s Michael from Devoted to Vinyl, and in this video, we’re going to discuss why vinyl has made a comeback and continues to beat the odds in the 21st century.

Here’s a question for you: How is it possible that in the digital age, vinyl has not only made a comeback, but it’s a physical medium that keeps its older fans in love and younger fans intrigued?

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It’s certainly not BECAUSE it’s a physical medium.  Listen, as human beings, we definitely love to collect STUFF, but if that was the sole reason why vinyl was able to have such a great resurgence, then CD sales would not be declining.

And to be clear, CD sales are really, really declining.

Like…borderline dead.

[TIME magazine headline titled “CDs Are Dying and Kanye West Is Hosting the Funeral”]

Aww come on, Kanye!

There’s no one clearcut answer for the vinyl revival, but I think it can be tied to the fact that people, especially young people, want to have a more connected music experience instead of just dealing with music quantity or convenience.

When you take the time to actually go to your record collection and pick an album you want to listen to, whether that’s based on the fact that you love a particular artist or you’re just in love with the cover art, that’s a tactile experience that you’re having with the music.  And in the 21st century, that kind of tactile experience is virtually dead. 

These days, we’re accustomed to extreme convenience, and that really goes double when you’re talking about music.  It’s why so many people used Napster and Limewire and eMule to get their “free” music back in the early 2000s.

It was easy to do.

But now, with the shift to streaming music, not only are we swimming in a sea of music convenience, but music excess, as well.

Sure, people enjoy the convenience of listening to their favorite albums on their phone when they’re on the way to work or to school, but, are they really enjoying the experience?

**Shrugs at camera**

Among the popular theories of why vinyl has been able to stay so relevant for generations—things like warmer sound, bigger cover art, and certainly childhood nostalgia—I think the fact that people yearn for an interactive experience when it comes to their music—being able to have that mix of touch, sight, and sound—is a big reason why vinyl continues to endure.

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And as always, I want to leave you with a question.  In you opinion, why has vinyl been able to have such staying power in the digital age? And what’s the biggest reason that you enjoy vinyl so much?  Make sure you post your comments down below.  I’ll be responding to as many people as I can.  And once again, I can’t wait to see you guys in approximately…168 hours.

Thank you for watching.


Aww damn Kanye!

Damn Kanye.

Kanye at it again.

C’mon, Kanye.


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